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On this page we compare the best offers of the moment. Furthermore, a lot of information about what a casino bonus exactly is and how you deal with it. We also answer the question; How do you receive a casino bonus?

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The Best Casino Bonus

To determine what the best casino bonus is, you first need to know what you are looking for. Would you like to receive a large deposit bonus, or one where you do not have to deposit or are you looking for free spins?

That is why we advise you to read the information on this page carefully and then determine what you are looking for. After that you can check out the various online casinos that offer such a bonus. Then you compare these by reading reviews about the relevant casinos and looking at the bonus conditions. The latter is especially important. You can then make your final choice.

What is a Casino Bonus?

When you go to play at an online casino, you will undoubtedly be dealing with the term “casino bonus”. To attract players, almost all of them give a nice extra to new players. Usually this is a percentage on top of your first deposit and often you also receive a number of free spins that you add a particular slot machinecan use. Sometimes, you even get a bonus without making a deposit yourself.

These Are Our Favorites

How do I Receive a Casino Bonus?

1. Find a Nice Casino

You can do this by looking at a comparison website such as ours to see what bonuses are available from the different providers. If you have one in mind, you also go to the online casino itself. This is for two reasons. You see if the “look and feel” suits you. Furthermore, go to the conditions and read them through. More about this further on this page.

Find a bonus

2. Go to the Casino and Register

This is simple. You go to the registration page and fill in your details. It is important that you always do this “truthfully”. If you want to have money paid out later and it turns out that your details are incorrect, you have a problem. It will probably not be paid.

Immediately after registration you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration.

Sign up

3. Make a Deposit

Choose a deposit method that is safe and suits you. PayPal is probably the most common way to deposit digital money. However, you also have other platforms that work great such as Trustly, Mastercard and Sofort.


4. Start Playing

You have an account and a balance including your casino bonus money. You may also have received some free spins. We advise you to use these first. You could forget about them and it is possible that the free spins have an expiration date. Would be a shame if you can't use them. When playing with your received money, pay attention to the conditions attached to the bonus.

Play with no deposit bonus

5. Unlock the Bonus!

The purpose of the bonus is that you convert it into profit. To achieve this goal, study the terms and conditions and try to clear the bonus amount.

Did it succeed? Click on the “cash out” button and the money will be in your account within 24 hours. Mission accomplished!

Payment of the casino bonus


  • It is possible to use a welcome bonus at different casinos.
  • Higher balance due to bonus money.
  • You can play for longer.
  • Usually you also receive free spins.


  • You must unlock the bonus money before you can cash it out.
  • Because of the bonus you are much more concerned with unlocking the bonus than playing games that you really enjoy
  • Bonus terms and conditions are full of requirements that you should be aware of.

Tips and Advice

Some seasoned online casino players have used their experiences and turned them into useful tips for new casino players. Read them through, it may really benefit you.

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully. We cannot repeat this often enough, it is absolutely crucial.

    De conditions are the game rules that apply to your casino bonus. You often hear players complaining because they couldn't cash out for whatever reason. This is almost always because the player has not read the terms and conditions. The following matters are regulated in these conditions.

    First and most important are the wagering requirements or the wagering. You have to wager the amount you have received an x ​​number of times before you can withdraw it. “Wager” is the word that indicates the number of times the amount must be wagered.

    If you receive a casino bonus and the “wager” is 30x, you must have wagered that € 100 30x before the money is really yours. In this case it is about 30x € 100 = € 3000. This seems like an extreme amount, but it goes fairly quickly. The higher the “wager”, the more difficult it is to clear the bonus. It is therefore important to keep an eye on the height of the “wager” and to make this count in your decision at which casino you will play.

    The conditions also state how long your bonus is valid. It is indicated until when you can use it and play freely. Important information for you because once that period has expired you can no longer do anything.

  • Do not only look at the amount, but also at the bonus percentage. For example, if € 500 is promised but then only 25% is given as a percentage, it will not help you much. After all, you have to deposit € 2000 to receive the full amount. You are better off with a lower amount with a higher percentage. For example one of € 200 with a percentage of 100%.
  • Another important aspect is the amount of the bets you are allowed to place during unlocking. If this amount would be very high, you can make the balance enormously high by gambling a lot and betting a large amount at once. That is of course not the intention.
  • Another important condition is the choice of the game with which you can play the casino bonus. Often conditions are imposed on this and some games may or may not be used.
  • Check which ones casino games most count towards unlocking. Some casino games count for 100% and others for less. Live casino games usually don't count at all when it comes to clearing casino bonuses.
  • You often see that bonuses consist of several parts, for example 100% up to $ 100 on your first deposit and then 50% up to $ 100 on your second deposit. Empty your account before making a new deposit with a bonus attached.
  • Continue to gamble consciously and responsibly, even if there is a casino bonus in play. Do not play more or with larger amounts because you necessarily want to release an amount. The starting point is always that you should play for fun.
  • Check from time to time how far you are from unlocking your bonus Most online casinos have a separate page where you can see how far you are. If this is not the case, you can always check whether you can pay out your balance. If this is not the case, the bonus has not yet been cleared.
  • Refuse your welcome bonus if you don't feel like dealing with blurred conditions, free play, etc. You can indicate this when registering.
  • If you have any questions, ask the casino. They have a customer service / help desk for that. This can normally be reached by mail, chat, or telephone.

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Receive a casino bonus!
Receive a casino bonus!

Types Explained

Read our summary of the various bonuses with brief explanations that are most often offered. Sometimes different terms are used for the same offer.

Casino bonus that you receive when you register for the first time at an online casino.

This is used for players who are loyal to a particular casino. This often works in combination with a points system.

This bonus is pretty self explanatory and you receive it when you have deposited real money. This is a percentage of your deposit.

This consists of free spins on a slot machine. Usually the casino determines in advance on which slot machine you can play these free spins.

This is a small casino bonus that you receive after registering. Usually a few euros in your account or some free spins.

At a pay n play casino you do not have to create an account yourself. These types of casinos often have special offers. Pay n play is a Trustly product.

After you have used your welcome bonus you sometimes get a so-called "reload bonus" when you deposit real money again.

Especially for a so-called “bitcoin casino”. The name says it all, of course. These types of casinos accept bitcoin and sometimes other cryptocurrency.

Use a code to access a specific casino bonus.

For players who have VIP status. Usually this status is linked to the loyalty program.

Normally you cannot use bonus money in the live casino. There are exceptions to this rule. That's what the live casino bonus is.

This is a casino bonus where you receive real money in your account without having to deposit yourself.

Let a friend register with your “refer a friend code” and you will also receive a bonus, for example 20 free spins.

That's what we call it when has an offer that cannot be claimed anywhere else. Exclusively for us.

A bonus given by a poker provider such as Partypoker.

This offer is only valid for betting on a sports bet. Some websites have an online casino and also offer sports betting.

With this bonus, the player receives once a week a percentage of his loss (if he has lost), for example 10%

This is a bonus linked to a high deposit. For example, if you deposit € 5.000 you will receive € 2.000 extra.

Specially designed for online bingo. Online bingo is extremely popular, especially in the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

“Wagering” is the number of times you have to wager a received bonus amount before you can withdraw the bonus amount

If the casino had no requirements for clearing a bonus, players would make a deposit, claim the bonus and then withdraw the entire amount. That is of course not the intention.

You can create an account at any online casino once and therefore also benefit from the welcome bonus once. Do not try to create multiple accounts under one fake name. When you want to pay out later, everything is checked and you go through the ice. The result is that your account will be closed and your money gone.

A casino bonus is always free. You always have to create an account and sometimes also deposit money.

This is possible. There are no differences between accepting a casino bonus on your mobile, desktop or tablet.

When you register at an online casino with a license and good reviews, not much can go wrong. Don't forget to check out our list of recommended casinos. We have checked these for you.

If something goes wrong with the release of your casino bonus or something else, you can contact the casino via their helpdesk. If this does not produce the desired result, we recommend that you contact the authority that issued the license to the relevant casino.

What Do we do With This Information?

As you have seen, there is a huge variety of products to lure you to a casino. Because any way you slice it, all casino bonuses are marketing tools. Their main function is to attract new customers to the casino.

Not a disaster, marketing is something we deal with on all fronts of daily life. So if you still want to play, you better pick out the marketing product that suits you best and take advantage of it!