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Bonus conditions are important requirements that you must meet before you can receive a bonus. Below you can read more about bonus conditions. You will receive answers to various questions regarding bonus conditions.

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Online casinos with fair bonus conditions:

What does the bonus terms and conditions say?

In addition to the different ways to give a bonus away, there are also many types of conditions that can be associated with these bonuses. By default, as a player in an online casino, you must be at least 18 years old.

The information you enter to create an account must be correct and you must deposit money in order to play for the winnings. General conditions are also that often only 1 account can be created per household and that a bonus cannot be combined with other bonuses. Below you can read which other conditions you may encounter.

Wagering conditions are attached to almost every bonus. This is a requirement to bet an amount that you receive as a reward at least a certain number of times with online gambling.

For example, if you receive a deposit bonus because you have put money in the account, you may first have to wager this bonus 25 times at a slot machine or at a gaming table. If you then have money left over from the bonus or if you even have a profit, you can keep it and have it paid out. Wagering conditions often mean that you have to wager a bonus 15 to 60 times. If this is too often, it may be unrealistic to play for the bonus. It may then be wiser to waive the bonus.

The bet you make on slots or at gaming tables can also be a condition for a bonus. It often concerns a maximum bet that you are allowed to make to play with the bonus. The amount of this maximum bet often depends on the type of game and the conditions to play.

You will only receive a bonus on that part that you have wagered, up to the maximum amount. If the maximum bet is set at € 5, you will only receive a bonus on it. Bet more money is possible, but without additional benefits.

The payout is a moment that many online casino players look forward to. That's when you can collect money. The money that you receive as a bonus cannot be paid out immediately.

You must always meet the condition before that is possible. Often there is also a maximum amount linked to this payout. Do you receive a deposit bonus for transferring money to the account to play with? Then there is often a maximum for this. For example, you may receive a 100 percent bonus on the first deposit you make up to an amount of € 200.

You may also need to use a bonus code to obtain and use a bonus. This is a code that you have to enter in order to use the bonus.

Of such casino bonus codes make it possible, for example, to receive a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus. However, bonus codes are not even provided by the online casinos, but by external partners. So you will have to look for the codes when they are asked for a reward.

Online casinos often offer rewards in the form of bonuses. You get these rewards for a variety of reasons. Online gambling is made more attractive by, for example, giving a welcome bonus for creating an account or completing a first deposit with play money.

Which bonus you receive and how you can use it differs per provider. In order to prevent abuse of the bonuses, casinos have created bonus conditions.

Bonus conditions, what are they?

Before you can use a bonus, you must meet certain requirements. These requirements are the bonus conditions set by the casino. There are several conditions that may apply to obtaining and keeping a reward.

These rules can be found on the casino's website so that you are well prepared when you decide to play for a bonus. The conditions set for a bonus differ per provider. Always pay attention to the fine print when you are in and out online casino are offered a bonus. If the bonus is difficult to achieve, then in some cases it is better to forgo it.

How do you get a bonus?

To receive a reward you must meet the conditions. The conditions determine, for example, that you have a welcome bonus can receive for creating an account. In many cases, a registration must be completed for this.

You may also receive a bonus for completing a first deposit. In that case, you will receive the reward after you have deposited money into the account with a payment method. Conditions associated with this are often that you must deposit a minimum amount and that you then receive a percentage of that amount as a bonus as a reward.

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Types of bonuses

There are different types of bonuses that you can come across in online casinos. Since the rewards are different, they often have different conditions. The aim is in any case for the casino to prevent abuse of the rewards.

For example, it is not possible to have a bonus in the form of an amount of money paid out immediately. Below you can read some common bonuses and some conditions that may be attached to them:

  • Welcome Bonus: a reward for creating an account. The condition is often that you complete a registration for this and sometimes make a first deposit
  • Deposit Bonus: bonus for depositing money into the account. Conditions are often that you must deposit at least a certain amount in exchange for a percentage of the amount as a reward
  • no deposit bonus: bonus that requires no deposit. You often receive this as a welcome bonus with the bonus condition that the amount you receive must be bet at least a fixed number of times with gambling online
  • Free Spins: game turns you receive to use on selected slot machines. Bonus conditions are often that there is a maximum profit to be made and that you can only use them for certain games
  • Reload Bonus: bonus with which you receive a reward several times for depositing money with the bonus condition that the bonus is used often, before you can collect it
  • Cash back bonus: the ability to get some of the losses you make over time as a bonus. Bonus conditions are often that you get a maximum amount back and that it only applies for a certain period in which you play

Facts about bonus terms

casino bonus terms and conditions

Playing around 20-60x
Max. effort Often € 5 per spin / game
Where to find it With the bonus T & C's


Below you can read a number of frequently asked questions about bonus conditions.

This is possible in theory, but unfortunately not true in practice. You must always meet certain bonus conditions before you can take advantage of a bonus with online gambling.

Bonus terms and conditions associated with getting and holding a bonus are always clearly visible on the casino's website. Make sure you read all the fine print carefully.

Different conditions apply to each bonus and at each casino. Since there can be such large differences between casinos and their bonus terms, you should always read carefully what requirements they set for the reward.

Where can you find information

Before you play in an online casino and want to use one bonus for online gambling, it is good to know what you are playing for. The providers of casino games always put the bonus conditions clearly visible on their website. This way you can always read what you have to meet and which bonus conditions apply. This is important because not every type of bonus is interesting or feasible to play for. It is also always advisable to read the fine print carefully so that you know what you are playing for.