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As a new player at an online casino, you often have a chance to receive a bonus. Bonuses are rewards that you can receive, for example, to get to know the casino, to learn to play certain games or as a reward for creating an account.

These are the best welcome bonuses

There are different types of bonuses available at the casinos. The most famous is probably the welcome bonus. That is a reward that you can get in various forms. Below you can read more about what a welcome bonus is, what types there are for online gambling, what to look out for and how to get the best casino bonus can choose.

What is a welcome bonus?

As the description already makes clear, a welcome bonus is a reward that you receive as a welcome gift. To be in a online casino To be able and allowed to play, an account must be created.

The correct information must be entered for that account, so that you can then gamble online. Gambling online in a casino is made even more attractive by the providers with rewards. The welcome bonuses consist of various gifts that you can receive for, for example, creating an account or depositing money.

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Types of welcome bonuses

The casino wants to attract new players with a welcome bonus. They also use these rewards to introduce players to new games. There are different types of rewards that can often be obtained in different ways.

The way in which this is possible and the conditions attached to it differ per provider. Below you can read more about bonuses that you receive as a welcome gift. This includes the:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free spins
  • cash back bonus

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus, also known as the deposit bonus, is a reward that is often given by casinos when gambling online. In the case of this bonus, you can get a certain amount to play with in the casino. You can only receive the amount when you have made a deposit into the account you have created.

This often involves a reward consisting of an amount equal to a certain percentage of the first deposit. For example, you may receive an amount of 100% of the value of the deposited amount of money, with a maximum of € 150. You can then immediately use this money to play with, although there are conditions attached to keeping it.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus, also called the no deposit bonus, works much the same. The big difference with a deposit bonus is that in this case no amount of money has to be transferred to the account. In principle you will receive free money to play with.

All you need to do is create an account at a casino online and complete the registration. There are often strict requirements for a no deposit bonus. It is not possible, for example, to have the reward paid out immediately. To do this, the amount of money must first be used a certain number of times. You can keep the profit that you then keep.

Free spins

In many cases, a welcome bonus consists of several rewards. You often receive a deposit bonus or no deposit bonus in combination with free spins. Free spins, or free spins, are game turns that you can use on the online slots. You can then gamble online on selected by the casino videoslotswithout having to pay for it. In many cases it concerns spell from a particular developer or to new games. There are also conditions for the use of free spins. This way, there is often a maximum profit that you can ultimately keep.

cash back bonus

Another bonus that can be very attractive is the cashback bonus. This reward is given less as a welcome bonus in relation to the aforementioned variants. With the cashback bonus, you receive back part of the amount that you lose over a certain period of time with online gambling.

That often means that you can get back a certain percentage of the losses over a day, week, or an entire month. In principle, this means that you can use the money that you have deposited in your account twice to gamble online.

Welcome Bonus Terms

Rewards such as welcome bonuses are not simply given away. There are often strict requirements and conditions attached to obtaining a welcome bonus and also to keeping the reward.

It is always wise to read carefully in advance which conditions apply. Of course, an account must always be created. If you receive a reward for having to deposit money, look at the minimum amount you need to transfer. Other important conditions relate to wagering the bonus. Rewards often have to be wagered multiple times in online gambling before you can keep them. Below you can read a number of common conditions:

  • A welcome bonus can be used once;
  • Often only one account can be created per household;
  • You cannot get a welcome bonus with every payment method when money has to be deposited;
  • Often a minimum amount must be deposited;
  • The bonus is only intended for new players;
  • In many cases also only when money is deposited;
  • Combining bonuses is not possible;
  • A welcome bonus often has to be wagered a certain number of times before you can keep the remaining winnings;
  • Free spins can only be used on selected videoslots.
welcome bonus bonus conditions
Each bonus has its own conditions. Always read this carefully!

Welcome Bonus Facts

welcome bonus casino

Most common Deposit bonus + free spins
Win real money Certainly
Wagering Conditions Often


You can keep a welcome bonus, if you meet the right conditions. What conditions apply and what you have to do to get the bonus differs per provider.

Whether you have to pay money to get a bonus differs per reward. For a deposit bonus, money must be deposited into the account, after which you will receive a certain amount as a bonus. Free spins and a no deposit bonus are also given for just creating an account for online gambling at a casino.

That is certainly possible, although it is often attractive to use it. Getting a bonus is not an obligation and if the conditions for getting the bonus are too strict, you can also opt out of it.

That is not possible. In order for the bonus to be paid out, the amount must first be wagered several times with betting. How often this is and what other conditions are attached to it, you can read in the conditions on the website of the casino where you want to play.

Reasons to opt for a welcome bonus

If you are using online gambling want and create an account at a casino, you can often opt for a welcome bonus. Incidentally, you are not obliged to opt for a reward. You can also forego it, which may be better in some cases. That is when a casino has a lot of strict conditions with regard to obtaining and keeping the bonus. In most cases, however, it is interesting to opt for a reward. You receive an amount or free spins that you can use without it costing you money.

Of course you have to make a deposit in many cases, but you will receive the money from the bonus in no time. If you receive free spins, that is completely attractive. A spin often has a value that varies from € 1 to € 10 each. You don't have to spend that amount to play on videoslots. A nice advantage is that you can also get acquainted with games that you may not know at all. Always check the conditions for receiving a reward. If these are not attractive, you can also play without a bonus.