Bonus Codes

Bonus codes, you may have heard of them. If you are a frequent visitor to online casinos, then you know that bonuses are often given away. These are rewards that the casino gives out to players to tie them to the casino.

Bonus codes for online casinos

There are different types of bonuses that can be offered. There is a welcome bonus for new players, there are bonuses for depositing money and you can even get part of your lost money back with a cashback bonus.

Many bonuses require you to enter a code. Below you can read what bonus codes are, what you should pay attention to when using the codes, what kind of codes there may be and how it is arranged with the conditions for the bonus codes.

What are bonus codes?

To start, we will explain what bonus codes actually are. Bonuses come in many different types. To receive and keep a bonus, you as a player must meet a number of conditions.

These terms and conditions are set by the casino to ensure that a player returns more often. A condition that can be set for receiving a reward is entering a bonus code. You can then use the reward, which people cannot get without this code. Bonus codes can be obtained via websites of external parties that often cooperate with the relevant casino. By entering the code you will receive, for example, an amount of money that is equal to a certain percentage of deposited money or a certain number of free spins to play with.

How do you use a bonus code?

If a casino states that a bonus code must be entered, then you can only get the bonus by doing so. A code often consists of a combination of letters and / or numbers. It differs per provider and per bonus which reward you receive for entering the code. In many cases you also have to perform another action, such as depositing money into your account in order to play.

If you also enter the bonus code associated with the promotion, you can receive the reward. Once you have created an account, look at the bonuses and the conditions attached to them. Do you need a bonus code? Then you have to look for it at an external party.

Types of bonus codes

Bonuses and associated codes come in various designs. The codes that can be used to get a bonus also change from time to time. It is always important to consider the shelf life of a bonus code and the goal you can achieve with it.

Always make sure that the code you want to use is also active. There are different types of bonus codes you can come across. Below you can read about the different bonuses that you can receive with it:

  • No Deposit Bonus Code: with this code you can receive an amount of money as a reward, without having to deposit money for it. The money has to be played around often before you can actually keep it and have it paid out;
  • Welcome bonus code: a code needed to run a welcome bonus to get. This can be a no deposit bonus, free spins or a deposit bonus where you can receive part of the deposit as a bonus;
  • Deposit bonus code: with this code you also have to make a deposit. The bonus code then makes it possible to receive a certain part of the deposited amount as a reward;
  • Free Spins: by entering a bonus code for this free spins, you will receive game turns that you can use on slot machines selected by the casino;
  • Preferred payment method: a way to get a reward by entering a code and using a particular payment method for depositing money for gambling online;
  • Cashback Bonus Code: makes it possible to recover part of the losses you have made over a period of time in the form of a reward;
  • Reload bonus code: code for getting a reward for a deposit. Unlike the aforementioned deposit bonus, this bonus can be used more often. You may need a different code each time.

Bonus codes facts

Bonus codes for casinos

What? Bonus money and free spins
Win real money Ja
Use more often No


Before you can use bonus codes, you must create an account at a casino. If you need a code to receive a bonus, you will find it at external parties. These are online partners of the casino where you are going to play.

The validity of bonus codes is limited. Because these codes often change, it is therefore important that you carefully research the shelf life. When the term for use has expired, the code is no longer usable and you must use a new bonus code.

By creating an account for online gambling at a casino, you can also take advantage of bonuses. If a bonus code is required for this, it must be entered so that you can use the bonus. Often you have to deposit money or you have to meet other conditions. The conditions that apply to a particular bonus differ per casino.

Terms & Conditions

The use of a bonus code is often a condition set by a online casino to get a bonus. To do this, you have to actively search for codes, so that you can take advantage of the advantages. In addition to this condition, you often have to meet other requirements to receive and keep a reward. Conditions you may encounter include:

  • Making a deposit with money to gamble online
  • Deposit a minimum amount to receive a deposit bonus
  • Bet the bonus at least a certain number of times for online gambling before you can actually keep it
  • A maximum profit that can be achieved with the bonus
  • A maximum amount of the bonus that is paid out, often a certain percentage with a ceiling
  • The bonus must be cleared within a certain period of time
  • The code can only be used once