Is the MGA permit just as reliable as that of the Dutch Ksa?

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  • Posted September 27, 2022
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De MGA license is a well-known phenomenon for many online gamblers. It is perhaps the most famous online casino license in Europe at the moment.

Since online gambling has become legal in the Netherlands, we now also have our own Dutch license. The Dutch Gaming Authority issues the permits. This is a strict supervisor that ensures that everything is done fairly and according to the rules.

The features of the MGA permit

The MGA permit is one of the oldest permits and therefore also the most reliable permit for many parties. A online casino who has an MGA license, we have things in order. This license carries several features.

To get a permit you have to meet the conditions that have been set. The term of a license is five years. Is an online casino breaking any of the rules these days? Then the license will be withdrawn.

Important requirements that the online casino must meet:

  • An online casino must be completely transparent to the MGA
  • The software is required to generate 100% random results
  • No RTP lower than 80% should be offered
  • Players must be able to play in a safe environment

Similarities and differences with the Dutch Ksa

In terms of content, the MGA and Ksa licenses are very similar. The biggest difference between these two is that the Dutch license is a bit stricter. Transparency is demanded not only from online casinos, but also from players. The registration process is therefore very strict and you must be able to identify yourself fully. Transactions are also not anonymous.

The data is of course well protected. But the online casino is fully aware of your personal, contact and bank details. Why? Because in the Netherlands you can register (or someone can register you) on CRUKS. This is a database with which you are deregistered for a certain period of time from any form of gambling in the Netherlands.

With the information you left behind when you created your account, the online casino can clearly check whether you are in the CRUKS database. Is this the case? Then access is denied. That is the reason that as a Dutch player you are so strictly checked when creating your account.

These are safe online casinos with a Dutch license: