The World Darts Championship is upon us!

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  • Posted December 12, 2022
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Here you can bet on the World Darts Championship!

The 15-2022 World Darts Championship will start on December 2022, 2023. Darts is a popular sport played by people all over the world. It is a traditional game that originated in England and is still very popular today.

The World Cup takes place at Alexandra Palace in London. A total of 96 players from all over the world will play against each other for the coveted World Cup title. Peter Wright could call himself World Champion for the second time last year. Will he succeed again this year?

How does darts work?

In the game, players throw arrows (darts) at a round board that is divided into different sectors. The object of the game is to throw as close to the center of the board as possible, which will score the most points.

There are several ways to play darts, such as '01 games' where players try to get to a certain point total as quickly as possible, or 'cricket' where players try to close out certain numbers on the board.

Darts is a fun game that is easy to learn and can be played by both young and old people. It is a social game often played in bars and pubs, and is also a popular sport that is broadcast on TV.

World Darts Championship 2022-2023
World Darts Championship 2022-2023

There are many professional darts competitions around the world, including the world cup tournaments held annually. Darts is an exciting game that brings pleasure to many people, and it remains a popular activity practiced and enjoyed by many.

Which Dutch Darters are participating?

Twelve Dutch people will participate during the 2022-2023 World Darts Championship. Of course this includes Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld. On the first day of the tournament, Jermaine Wattimena will be the first Dutch Darter.

In the first round of the World Darts Championship you will see the following Dutchmen:

  • Geert Nentjes
  • Jimmy Hendricks
  • Danny van Tripp
  • Jermaine Wattimena
  • Danny Jansen
  • Niels Zonneveld
  • Martin Tailor

And in the second round, the other players take their turn:

  • Michael van Gerwen
  • Danny Noppert
  • Dirk van Duivenbode
  • Vincent van der Voort
  • Raymond van Barneveld

Who do you think will be World Champion?

There are a lot of fun bets ready for the World Darts Championship. You can already place a bet and you can even predict who you think will be World Champion. The following odds are available for the Dutch darts players:

Darter Odds
Michael van Gerwen 3.50
Dirk van Duivenbode 29.00
Danny Noppert 41.00
Raymond van Barneveld 81.00
Jermaine Wattimena 301.00
Vincent van der Voort 401.00
Martin Tailor 501.00
Geert Nentjes 501.00
Niels Zonneveld 501.00
Danny Jansen 751.00
Jimmy Hendricks 1001.00
Danny van Tripp 1001.00


There are of course many more other bets that you can place. These differ per bookmaker. Check out our favorite bookmakers for all bets with correct odds.