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Gambling online can be done in many different ways. We all know the online casinos where you can go for table games or to participate in slots. Another way of gambling online is by betting on sports.

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There are sports competitions in almost every sport every day. Via so-called bookmakers you get the option to bet on sports around the world. Think of gambling, for example football matches, equestrian sports, tennis, motor sports and much more. Below you can read what sports betting is, how you can bet on sports, what you need to know before you start betting on sports and what types of bonuses you can expect.

What do we mean by betting on sports?

Sports betting is a fun way to win money. To do this, you create an account at an online betting office, also known as a bookmaker, so that you can get started. This is also often possible with a online casino. You will then, after creating an account to play with, the option to deposit money in various ways to play with.

You can bet this money with online gambling at competitions or other forms of sports. You can gamble on the most diverse sports. You can bet on various game elements such as the final score, what the standings are at half time, how many goals will be scored and much more.

Live gambling

Gambling is always exciting and attractive, especially when it is live. Betting on live matches is almost always possible. When matches are played, you can choose the ways you want to bet money at online bookmakers.

online gambling this makes it a lot more attractive, especially if you also make nice profits. In many cases you can also watch the match in question at the same time. You can also bet on various elements while watching the matches. For example, it is possible to place a different bet or to adjust a bet during a match.

How can you bet on sports?

To bet on sports, you have to a good bookmaker find. There are plenty of online bookmakers and it is important that you end up with one reliable casino. Therefore, always investigate whether a betting office is in possession of the correct licenses and what the possibilities are for gambling.

Before creating an account, you can also look at any rewards or bonuses that may be paid out by the bookmaker. Does the provider also have other play options? Then that could be interesting. Many online bookmakers also offer casino games and vice versa you can often at one online casino also betting on sports.


It is often said that good preparation is half the battle. That certainly applies to betting on sports. If you are well prepared, you can win money in a fun way with a little luck. Do you want to gamble online now and then by betting money on sports?

Then you can just get started. If you immerse yourself in the circumstances a little bit, it can be a very lucrative gambling. For example, by analyzing statistics, keeping track of how athletes develop and, for example, how injuries develop, you can bet more specifically on sports than without preparation.

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A bet makes the game much more exciting!

Sports Bonuses

Online bookmakers and casinos often offer attractive bonuses to attract players. The bonuses are meant to get new players, to attract players and to reward loyalty.

There are different types of sports bonuses that you can come across if you want to gamble online on sports matches. These bonuses often differ per provider, just like the conditions attached to them. Conditions mean that you have to make an effort to get a reward and that there is a good chance that you will return sooner. Below you can read what types of sports bonuses there are:

  • Welcome Bonus: a bonus that new players receive for creating an account. This is often done in conjunction with completing an initial deposit;
  • Deposit Bonus: a reward you receive for making a deposit. This bonus often consists of a certain percentage of the amount that you have transferred;
  • No deposit bonus: a bonus that you often get for just creating an account with an online bookmaker. You do not have to deposit money into the account;
  • Free bets: free gambling opportunities. You often get these free bets as a welcome bonus;
  • Cash back bonus: a bonus that allows you to recoup some of the losses you incurred over a period of time.

Sports betting facts

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Below you can read some frequently asked questions about sports betting.

Before betting on sports, it is wise to check the online bookmaker you want to use. Check whether the provider has the correct permits and how you can deposit and have money paid out. If that is in order, then you can safely use the possibilities for online sports betting.

You can bet on sports if you create an account at an online betting office. For this you must be at least 18 years old and also deposit money into the account.

Many online bookmakers offer bonuses just like casinos. These can be rewards such as a welcome bonus or a bonus for depositing play money on the account with which you want to gamble.

Conditions for bonuses

Before you can use a bonus and actually keep the reward, you must meet certain conditions. Betting agencies have set these conditions to ensure that people do not abuse this with online gambling.

It is wise to read carefully which rules and conditions apply to receiving and also keeping a bonus. The conditions are always clearly stated on the website by the online bookmakers and can be different per bonus and betting office. For a deposit bonus, there is often a minimum amount that you must deposit and in many cases the reward must be wagered several times with gambling in order to keep the final winnings.