Online Gambling

Online gambling is fun, but play consciously!

Online gambling is fun and exciting but can also be dangerous if you no longer have control over your gaming behavior. Symptoms of gambling addiction include if you want to play less than you do, online gambling is at the expense of study, work, relationship. many online casinos partner with organizations that can help you with gambling addiction. Read here a scientific study about the relationship between gambling problems and online gambling.

There are options available that can lock your account. For example, you can not play more than a predetermined amount. There are also options that after you have won can lock your payout so that you can no longer cancel the payout.

If you have doubts about your gaming behavior, you can contact Dutch organizations that can help you with your gaming behavior. A number of organizations where you can go:

- Do the self-test
- Anonymous Gamblers Environment
- Korrelatie
- Gambleaware - English

Gambling online can be a lot of fun, and be lucrative when you win. But try to keep an eye on your playing behavior and seek help from friends or family if you are in doubt about your playing behavior. As mentioned, there are also effective restrictions on many online casinos that can help you to gamble more consciously online.

Tips for conscious online gambling

If you want to gamble online, it is wise to make appointments with yourself. Set a limit per day / week or month and limit your account so that you can not deposit more than the set amount.
The problem with a gambling addiction is that you always want to play more to win even more or play again to win back your losses. If this gives negative financial consequences for you, such as debt, there is a gambling addiction. Do not try to be ashamed of it and then seek help.

Aware online gambling with these tips

How can you best gamble online

If you look forward to an evening of excitement and time to go online gambling at a good online casino here are some tips on how to play online.
- Play in moderation
- Don't risk everything
- Spread your chances, so don't just play one slot machine but try different slots
- Suppose you play with € 100, divide the € 100 over different slots and do not play with a bet higher than € 1,50.
- Start slowly with a lower bet of, for example, € 0,25 cents and build up the bet as you win more. This strategy for gambling online is called progressive / defensive and provides a long time of fun.
- Adjust for yourself in advance at what amount you want to be paid out. Suppose you are in the profit of € 250, then have € 250 paid out and continue playing with € 100 and start over with the strategy. So adjust your strategy according to your balance on your account. Is online gambling safe?

Do we play too?

We also like to gamble online. We are excited to try different new slots for you and test which ones pay out the best. We also have a player account at all casinos that we have at the casino reviews on the website to test how the customer service, payouts and bonuses are of the casinos.
Because of this we are naturally tempted and we are busy with gambling and reviewing casinos and casino games every day. We can say that we have a certain gambling addiction. The point is that we no longer play that we can financially. We have a clear limit in budget per day. Nothing more nothing less. At the finish line we are sometimes in the negative at the end of the month, sometimes in the plus. And sometimes we suddenly grab a nice amount with a nice big win.
A good friend, without our knowledge, has gone into debt to maintain gambling addiction. He has contacted and is in good hands with correlation. He still bets to a limited extent.
He still plays 1 once a week and has happily got out of debt.
We would like to recommend to anyone who bets online to do this consciously and of course not under the 18 year.