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Since October 1, 2021, online gambling is legal in the Netherlands at online casinos that hold a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority.

Of course, it comes with the fact that online gambling is very popular, but also entails the necessary dangers. If you cannot control yourself, there is a chance that you will develop a gambling addiction.

A play break

Do you notice that you are no longer in control of gambling? As of the legalization you can protect yourself by registering with Cruks.

Cruks stands for 'Central register of exclusion from games of chance'. This is an online database of names of players who have been given or given a game break.

As soon as you register or are registered with Cruks, access for both land and online casinos is immediately denied for a minimum of 6 months.

How does Cruks work?

You can register at Cruks in two ways. Via your DigiD or via the paper form. You have to fill in various details on this paper form.

  • BSN number
  • Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Time of denial
  • Nationalities (if necessary)
  • Signature

It is important that you copy this information exactly as it appears on your identity card. For example, it is important to take capital letters into account and that you do not make typos.

If you register with Cruks you will not have access to online and land-based casinos for at least 6 months. This can also be extended. You do this in the same way as the first registration at Cruks.

Do you want to cancel? Then that is only possible if the minimum time of 6 months is over. At the end of your registration, the play break ends automatically.

Data security

The information you enter is only intended to create a unique Cruks code. As soon as you want to enter an online or physical casino, your identity card will be checked.

An automatic check will then take place at Cruks. Is your name listed here? Then you will not get access. The data will not be used further. In addition, no one other than the Gaming Authority has access to your data.

Is your play break over? Then your data will also be automatically deleted in the Cruks system. This means you can start playing again. It is important that you play responsibly after your play break.

Am I in Cruks?

Not only you can register with Cruks. Others or online and land-based casinos can also impose bans. They are entitled to this if you exhibit dangerous gambling behavior and run the risk of a gambling addiction.

You can easily check whether you are registered in Cruks. You do this by logging in with your DigiD. You can also download your digital registration certificate here. Are you registered by post? Then you have received a paper proof at home.

Are you registered by someone else? Then the Gaming Authority will inform you about this and you will also be given the opportunity to lodge an objection.

I do not agree with my registration

Have you been registered by someone else and do you want to object to this? Then the Gaming Authority will check your data and based on this an automatic decision will be made whether or not to register you.

You can still object to this. This is regulated by Dutch law. To object, you must send a letter to the Gaming Authority addressed to Legal Affairs within 6 weeks. It must state the following:

  • Name and address
  • Date the letter was written
  • Reasons for objection
  • Signature
  • Copy of the decision of the Ksa

How do I play responsibly?

play consciously 18plus

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Cruks is therefore intended to protect players against gambling addiction. It is an online database in which a unique code is created. With this code you will not have access to online and land-based casinos for at least 6 months. This denial can also be extended. Registering with Cruks can be done by yourself or by someone else. If it is done by someone else, you will be notified by the Ksa and you can object if you do not agree with this choice.