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Sports betting is already very popular, but it is getting even more popular. With the licenses issued by the Dutch Gaming Authority, there are now more Dutch players since 1 October 2021 bookmakers where you can legally bet on sports as a Dutch player.

There are so many different sports you can bet on; football, tennis, cycling, Formula 1, horse racing, etc. You can bet on one match, but you can also choose to bet on the outcome of a tournament.

Live betting or pre-match betting?

Sports Betting are divided into two categories: live betting or pre-match betting. With a live bet, you bet during a match. A pre-match bet means that you place a bet before the match and cannot change it during the match.

Live betting ensures that you as a player can immediately anticipate the situation of the match. And then, following the events in the match, can place a bet at the right time. If you wait too long before placing a bet, the odds will also drop.

betting on sports

Odds, odds or odds

These three words actually all mean the same thing when it comes to sports betting. It is one of the most important things to consider when betting on sports. These 'Odds' show how much money you can earn with your bet.

The amount of the odds is the amount of each euro you bet. After that, your investment is deducted and that is ultimately your profit. So for example:

  • The odds are 3.50
  • Your bet is €5
  • Your profit: 3.50 x €5 = €17,50 – €5 = €12,50

Besides the fact that you can win, the height of the odds says even more. The higher this number is, the greater the risk that your prediction will be incorrect. The result of a football match in which the number 1 plays against the last in the group is easier to predict, so the odds will be lower.

Options to place bets

In addition to the many different sports you can bet on, you also have many different betting options. We will explain the most common for you.


    This is probably the most popular option to place a bet. In football betting, this option is called “1X2”. You are going to predict what the outcome of the match will be: the home team wins (1), the away team wins (2) or it is a draw (X). Many sports do not offer the option to bet on a tie, which is why it is called “Result”. You can bet on a draw in football.

    Double chance

    This betting option is only possible in football. You can then choose two options for the result instead of one option. This means that you can bet on, for example: home team win or draw (1X). This of course increases your chance of winning, but the odds are lower as a result.

    Draw No Bet

    If you are betting on a sport where a draw could also be a possible outcome of the match, you can use this betting option. You bet on a win for the home or away team. Is your prediction right? Then you win. But will it be a draw? Then you just get your bet back.

    Total amount …

    Total number… goals. Total number… sets. There are plenty of options to bet on a total number of something. You predict the amount of what you bet on. For example, 3 goals for the home team at a football match.


    With this betting option you award a team a disadvantage. This will be settled with the final match result. With this option you make the bet more exciting, especially if it is a match of one of the favourites. You can choose that the favorite starts with -2. This means that (in the case of a football match) the team must win by at least 3 goals difference.


    You bet on the number of goals in a match here. If you bet on 'odd', you bet on an odd number of goals as a result. Are you betting on 'even'? Then you bet on an even number of goals as the result.

Virtual betting

Today, some bookmakers offer another variant of sports betting. You are used to betting on matches played in real life. Virtual betting is a fun, different addition to a sportsbook.

Betting on virtual sports involves placing bets on matches that are not real. They are played by animations. The results are determined by an RNG.

virtual betting

The biggest difference between virtual betting and betting on real matches? For real competitions you need some knowledge. You need to read up on the qualities and rankings of teams or players before you can place a good bet.

This is not necessary with virtual betting. You get the chance to place a bet every a certain number of minutes, and to do this correctly you will see a small overview with the rankings of teams or players.

It is not necessary to watch a match completely to know whether you have won or not. With virtual betting you can bet in stages. And you can do this 24/7 too! So you no longer have to wait for your chosen match to be played.

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