Trustly, better than iDeal?

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  • Posted April 30, 2020
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A new payment service in the Netherlands

trustly ideal casinoTrustly is a new payment option offered by the company called "Trustly Group AB." The company is of Swedish origin and was founded in 2008.

The payment service mainly competes with, for example iDeal or PayPal and is mainly used as a payment method at online casinos. It Pay 'N Playsystem revolutionized the online casino world in 2018. In addition to quick, easy deposits and withdrawals, no registration or software installation is required. Instead, the transactions can be carried out directly through internet banking. This convenience and ease of use combined with reliability and security make Trustly - Direct bank e-Payments an ideal payment solution.

Did you know that money will be deposited directly into your account via Trustly, even on weekends, evenings and nights and on public holidays ?!

The best Trustly casinos:

How does Trustly work?

There are three simple steps to pay with Trustly. You first log in to your online bank account, then select the desired account whose amount is to be withdrawn and finally you only need to confirm the transaction. What distinguishes them from other payment methods is that your data is not stored. This protects your sensitive data from third parties.

In addition, you do not need an extra account, but the transactions are processed directly between you and the casino. Trustly only serves as a payment service provider and does not store any of your financial information.

The company is a recognized payment institution and regulated by the Swedish financial regulator. European security standards apply because Trustly is a member of the EPIF (European Payment Institution Federation). This guarantees security for transactions. Trustly's data protection is even TÜV-certified and has been awarded the “TÜV-certified data protection” mark.

The benefits of Trustly

The benefits are obvious. It is fast, safe and simple. While you now have to verify with iDeal or the like with difficulty, you can use Trustly directly with your bank details. Besides that, there are no costs for you. Security is provided not only by the system and the highest encryption standards, but also by licensing by the authorities.

In the online casino Trustly has even more advantages. Your credit is readily available, so you don't have to wait and try your luck at the slots and tables. However, the point of data security is the most important to many people. Nobody wants all possible data to be stored everywhere. The online casino only receives the money via Trustly, the other data is not seen by the online casino. This way the contact details of everyone who plays remain secret and it is safe to play.