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Online casinos are excellent for a quick gamble. They have included the most diverse games in the game offer and signing up at an online casino is easy.

In addition, online casino players often offer very attractive bonuses with which you get a number of free spins or nice amounts of money added to your account at the casino as bonus money.

All these bonuses come with a number of conditions and in this article you can read more about how you can ensure that you can meet these conditions correctly.

An introduction to the casino bonus system

Casinos come in all different shapes and sizes, or so it seems. But if you take a closer look at different online casinos, you will soon find out that they are in fact not much different from each other. The range of games is sometimes a bit larger at one casino than at another, but they will all offer relatively the same games.

The number of casinos to choose from is also huge and growing. There is therefore a real competition going on between all these casinos. After all, more players means more turnover and that in turn yields more profit. And so casinos try to get players in all kinds of ways and after that, keep them. And they mainly use different types bonuses.

There are basically two types of bonuses offered to you by casinos.

    Free spins

    The first is the bonus where you free spins receives to play on a slot machine, fruit machine or video slot. You often get these free spins when you create an account at the casino or make a small deposit.

    Money amount

    The second type of bonus is the cash bonus and it is usually a bit more interesting. You receive real money from the casino to play with. Usually you have to make a deposit yourself first in the casino. You will then receive a certain percentage of that amount as extra bonus money deposited into your casino account. You can simply play longer with this and also have a better chance of making some profit with your money.

It is also common for casinos to combine both types of bonuses. You will then receive a number of free spins as well as a certain amount of money from the casino.

What does the wagering rule mean for casino bonuses?

Casinos give you free spins and money to play with. This means you can play longer anyway, but you also have a chance of more winnings. For example, with the bonus amount you could make your bets a little higher than you normally intended.

It is logical that casinos impose a number of conditions on handing out that free money. The most important condition is that the casino does want you to play with the bonus money. After all, it would be strange if you received free money from the casino and you immediately have it paid out again. And so they came up with the wagering rule.

The wagering rule means that you must first have wagered the amount that you have received as a bonus from the casino a number of times in a game before you can withdraw winnings made with bonus money. This bet does not have to be made all at once and also not in the same game. The casino keeps track of how much money you have wagered on all kinds of different games.

Many players who are introduced to the wagering rule for the first time do not fully understand how it works. That's quite understandable, because you don't see anything else while playing. Only when you want to withdraw winnings, the casino checks whether you have met the wagering rule.

Suppose, for example, you have received a bonus of €100 and the wagering rule states that you must first wager it 20 times before winnings can be withdrawn from the bonus. You will then have to do a simple calculation to find out that you can only withdraw winnings when all your bets together amount to €2000 (20 x €100).

What is a reasonable wagering number?

How many times you have to wager a bonus before you can withdraw winnings varies per casino. It can even vary by bonus as casinos offer different types of bonuses. The number of times that bonus money has to be wagered can always be found in the special bonus conditions. You can usually find this on the same page where the bonus can be activated. Isn't that the case? You can find these in the general terms and conditions.

casino bonus conditions
Read the terms and conditions of the casino bonus carefully

In practice, the number of times you have to wager bonus money is between 20 and 40 times the bonus money. When you link amounts to this, there is quite a difference between them. After all, it makes a lot of difference whether you have to bet 20 times €100 before you can withdraw winnings, or whether this is €4000.

In general, it is quite difficult to wager bonus money so that the conditions of the bonus can be met on time. The lower the wagering rule, the more favorable it is for you as a player. It is therefore always wise (and even necessary) to always check how often it should be played around before activating a bonus. Only then can you decide whether it is worth using the bonus.

Other Bonus Requirements

The wagering rule is just one of the conditions you have to deal with when you activate a bonus. For example, there are casinos that, in addition to the wagering rule, also have a time limit on using a bonus and fulfilling the wagering requirement.

This means that you not only have to wager a certain amount while playing, but you also have to do so within a certain period of time. Doesn't work? Then the bonus, along with any winnings you made with the bonus, will be forfeited and you will not be able to withdraw anything.

A reasonable period to adhere in that case is one month. If you have less time than a month, it will be very difficult to meet the wagering rule on time. Activating a bonus actually makes no sense. You can play longer, but there is virtually no chance that you can actually make a profit with the bonus. And that is ultimately the intention.

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Bonuses are very interesting and as a rule you should always use a bonus that is offered to you by the casino. However, read the bonus conditions carefully, so that you know exactly what you have to meet in order to use the bonus as effectively as possible. If you do not do this, you may make a profit with the bonus, but you cannot withdraw it because you have not (yet) met the conditions.