High Roller Roulette, for the VIP and advanced player

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  • Posted May 28, 2020
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VIP roulette is offered for high rollers at Evolution Gaming casinos.

Roulette is one of the most famous and accepted games in the casino or online casino can be played. This has to do with the simple rules and the high winning odds.

Roulette is therefore easy to learn and you don't have to pay much attention to the table game. With a low bet you can already win a lot, if you bet well. This means that you can bring in serious amounts with a high stake. There are also so-called high roller roulette tables for this. Next high roller slots there are also roulette tables that either have a high betting limit, or have no betting limit. This gives the diehard roulette player the opportunity to get large amounts of money. These diehard players are also called 'high rollers' or 'VIP players'.

How do you recognize high roller roulette?

Casinos, but also online casinos offer the high rollers / VIP players many extra services. This is because the casino naturally wants these players to bet high and keep playing. At a physical casino, for example, they have their own space where there are fewer people and where the high roller player can play in peace.

You will soon recognize the beautiful Live VIP Roulette tables, where the betting limits are unprecedented. At the Evolution Gaming VIP Roulete, you can choose from several European Roulette and French Roulette VIP tables. And of course you can play High roller roulette in an exclusive VIP environment with red tables and betting limits that are extra attractive for high rollers. Check out the best casinos for this online roulette.

Online casinos also have special tables that you can only access with a VIP / high roller status. Here too, the online casino does its utmost to make the experience as special as possible, often the croupiers are dressed differently and the studios and tables look slightly different.

The roulette game itself usually does not have much difference, except that these accept higher minimum and maximum bets.

What distinguishes high rollers from regular players?

High rollers are often players who have a considerably larger budget to gamble with. They like to bet high on high roller roulette tables, and are used to the high amounts. The players often have the setting: "High risk, high win." This statement is therefore correct, the higher the bet, the higher the profit.

High rollers are very important for online casinos. This is because this VIP player bets high and therefore returns a lot of money faster. If the player wins, the other players can take this as an example and notice that very large amounts are sliding across the table. Furthermore, high rollers are often loyal players, they keep coming back and have a very frequent activity, both physically and online.

What should you pay attention to if you want to gamble online as a high roller?

If you want to gamble online as a high roller, there are a number of points that are important. For example, a 100% reliable site is very important, this can be characterized in the first place by the lock next to the website name, if the lock is closed, it is a safe site. Besides that the site must be safe, a safe and reliable payment method is also of the utmost importance. The most used and safest methods are Trustly en iDEAL. These payment methods guarantee an SSL connection. This is an encrypted connection between website and player. It ensures that the data that is exchanged cannot be deciphered for third parties.

In addition to reliability and safety, it is of course not surprising if you count on a certain type of luxury as a high roller. This can be in the form of special high roller roulette tables, bonuses specially developed for high rollers or other special offers