10 tips about online slots that online casinos don't betray you

We know for sure that you are looking for ways to win the most and to get the most out of online slots. You have probably already tried and read a few things, some tips benefit you, others less. Because we try our luck on different slots, we can tell you with a lot of experience which tips are useful and which give you an advantage and which do not. Based on our expertise we have compiled a list of the top 10 online slot secrets that online casinos would never tell.
In any case always keep one thing in mind, it is about having fun and enjoying the excitement. If you no longer get pleasure from a night of gambling, stop!

How do you win big prizes in the casino?

1) Search for slots that are "hot"

You probably know the term that a certain slot machine is hot. This term dates from the time that some mechanical slot machines had a technical defect, which increased the chance of winning.
In the age of random number generators and online slots, there is still something in this theory. Watching the payout frequency of online slots is one of the secrets to succeed on virtual machines. However, you will find that your favorite slot machine will pay much more than the other times. This is due to the randomness of the slots.

Rolla Casino example of the game offer

2) Slot hopping - Try multiple slots

If you find that you have not been able to win a bonus round for a while, or simply barely manage to win a "10 bet bet", try another slot machine! Even though you may go against your feelings because you think that the cupboard will have to pay something, it is worth hopping. This way you spread the odds and you have the chance to still win.

3) Small bet? High volatility!

Do you consciously play with a low bet? Great, but not all slots are handy to play. Why do you play better with a low bet on a slot machine with high volatility? Because you still have a chance to win a very large profit. For example, many Netent slots have low volatility and regularly pay small amounts. Prefer to play on online slots from Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming or certain slots from Play 'n Go.

What are good tips for slots with high volatility:

  • Madame Destiny from Pragmatic Play
  • Bonanza from Big Time Gaming
  • Book of Dead by Play 'n Go
  • Da Vinci's Treasure - Pragmatic Play
  • Donuts - Big Time Gaming

Unfortunately, these online slots cannot be played everywhere. A good online casino where you can play all these slots is for example Spinia casino. At the moment only Donuts cannot be played at this casino. For this, try Casino Zepelin from Yggdrasil for example, a stunner of a potential slot. If you go through this link create an account at Spinia casino and receive up to € 500 bonus!

Win Book of Deads free spins

4) Try new slots regularly

We cannot tell you exactly what it is about, but it is certain that you have a relatively high chance of winning a brand new slot! It is therefore worthwhile to regularly try a newly launched slot machine. At most online casinos you can see exactly which slots are new. You don't really have to try them all, but testing such a new slot every now and then is fun and can help you get your balance back up.

5) Choose a good casino bonus

Competition between online casinos is booming and everyone has the same goal that benefits you: to attract new players. Whether through free spins, casino bonuses or fighting for new customers.
But what exactly distinguishes a normal online casino from a great casino? First and foremost you have to look at the conditions. A bonus condition is a multiplication factor that indicates how much you have to spend before your bonus balance is converted into real money. So-called wagering of the bonus, playing around is usually mentioned in a number of times. For example Wagering 40X.

For many online casino bonuses, you cannot withdraw the bonus amount until you have met the wagering requirements. In general, the lower the wagering, the better. There are even casino bonuses that are not subject to any terms and conditions of sale, which is simply fantastic.
To explain it well: suppose you have received a casino bonus of € 100 with a wagering requirement of 45x. Then this means that you have to use your bonus profit to make a total bet of € 4500 before you convert that balance into real money. Some wagering conditions are therefore better to avoid. By not choosing a bonus you play with "raw cash", nothing extra and therefore no extra conditions. If the wagering is around the 30-45, you can opt for the extra bonus. With your larger total balance you have a better chance of winning a lot. Playing the bonus around is often quite easy.

Also crucial: You should not consider casino bonuses linked to a maximum payout amount. Some online casinos limit the amount to be paid that is generated from the bonus win. View here a collection of interesting casino bonuses with good conditions.

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6) Local jackpot and progressive jackpot

There are two types of jackpots: local and progressive jackpots. Local jackpots are usually linked to a certain casino, so the collected money comes from the players who have played and played this slot machine in this casino. So it may well be that the jackpot for one and the same game is different for each casino.

In contrast, a progressive jackpot accumulates the money from various participating casinos, creating a stable and fast-growing mega jackpot.

However, online slots also differ among themselves, for example with regard to the frequency of winning. That is why we advise you to play a local jackpot. The jackpot itself may be smaller, but the chance to score a jackpot is greater than with a progressive jackpot where you have to compete with a large number of other players.

7) Play for free

The online casino industry is a very competitive market, and therefore the casinos are trying to attract new players to their websites with bizarre methods. A popular way to surprise new players or win back old players is to offer free spins for certain online slots.

Use this option to play for free. With free spins you have the great opportunity to try out a certain slot and get an idea of ​​the number of bets and the frequency of winning. And by the way, you could win a little more money without spending a cent. These types of bonuses are called No Deposit bonus. We have made a list with a number of excellent online casinos that also offer a so-called No Deposit bonus. View this list here.

Slots Million jackpot won
Jackpot of 2.2 million pounds won at Slots Million casino

8) Be smart

Many websites advise you to always use the maximum. The idea behind this is that slots have multiple paylines and if you bet the maximum amount you can bet, you can take multiple winnings. This is in principle not wrong.

Yet it is important to keep in mind that your chance of winning through the random number generators is the same regardless of whether you bet on one or all paylines.

Betting on all paylines at the same time does not increase your chances of winning. Also keep in mind that every online slot has a certain volatility. Slots with high volatility may pay less than you would like, but when it comes to winning, it is usually high.

9) Look at the paytables

Before you deposit real money at an online casino, it makes sense to do your own research and view the paytables. Each online slot machine has its own specific pay table that can show surprising differences.

In the long run, these small but subtle variations can make a big difference when it comes to your balance.
Whether or not the slot machine of your choice contains special functions can make a difference to your enjoyment and your wallet.

10) Play for free and test the slots

The best way to refine your gambling strategy is to play for free on your online slot machine of your choice. You will also immediately learn more about the relevant machine. Fortunately, most online casinos allow you to play for free. That means that you can improve your strategy without spending a penny.

In this way you learn to understand a certain slot machine. Payout tables, special features and other bonuses that can occur in the game, including multipliers and wilds.

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