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Online gambling is allowed when you are 18 or older, only then it is legal to gamble for real money. No difference is made between online gambling, buying a state lottery ticket or playing roulette at a land-based casino.

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Playing on the internet has grown enormously in popularity. This has also resulted in a proportionate increase in the range of online providers.

How do you start gambling online?

In short, the procedure is as follows. You are looking for a gambling site that you like and create an account. Then you deposit money and you receive your welcome bonus. Now you can start playing. If you have received free spins as part of your bonus, you will be the first to play with them. This is because those vanes have a limited “shelf life”. After this, you will play the game or slot machine of your choice.

Do you have a profit? Then he can have it paid out. The first time you request a payment, it takes more time because you have to provide some documents. When this is over, your payout will be in your bank account approximately one day after your request.

It is exciting to gamble with real money. This applies to playing on a slot machine or roulette, but also to betting on a match of your favorite sports team. It is important that you realize that gambling is a form of entertainment and is never an activity where you can earn a living. However, it is possible to occasionally make a big hit. That also makes online gambling exciting and interesting.

The best game

You can't argue about taste, but we think “lightning RouletteThe most fun online casino game.
best online game

That's how you play it!

Safe online gambling


  • Gambling sites are open 24 hours a day
  • Payout percentages are higher at betting sites
  • The range of different games is huge
  • You can receive a welcome bonus
  • You don't have to leave your house


  • There is no social control of other visitors
  • It is more fun to be together and play with more people

How do you select a betting site?

First of all, you check whether the gambling site where you possibly want to play has the correct permits. If this is not the case, we advise you to search further. Another important point is that the terms and conditions are clear and reasonable. What you should definitely look at is how the bonus conditions are.

Receiving a bonus is nice, but if it is then impossible to clear the bonus and have it paid out, it is of no use to you. Last but not least: make sure you choose a gambling site that has the games you want to play and that you like the look and feel.


You want to gamble online but you don't know exactly how to go about it. Then it is not a bad idea to use our website to make the various choices. We are avid gamblers ourselves who know the ropes. Our advice is based on experience and pure knowledge of the gambling world. We regularly present exclusive bonuses that are higher and better than the standard bonuses. The recommended games and betting sites have been tested by us and have the necessary permits.

Privacy in online gambling
Privacy in online gambling

Is online gambling safe and reliable?

We answer this question on the basis of the following aspects:

  • License

    This seems to us to be the most important. There are conditions attached to a permit in the field of security and privacy. When the relevant casino adheres to this, you can play safely. If they do not comply, they will lose their permit. In the Netherlands, an online provider with a valid license can be recognized by the following quality mark on the website (from 1 October 2012).Wordmark - Gaming Authority

  • Payments

    The easiest and safest method in the Netherlands is iDeal. We are familiar with this and we know it is safe. However, there are also other payment methods that are reliable, such as Trustly, Muchbetter and Sofort.

  • Fairness of games

    The license holders (read: online casinos) are responsible for everything towards consumers. So also for the games they purchase from the game providers. This is in contrast to, for example, the United Kingdom, where every game provider has to apply for a license itself. All software powered games work with an RNG (Random Number Generator). This makes the outcome of a game completely involuntary. The minimum payout of a game, for example a slot machine, must be 60%. In practice, however, this percentage is much higher, sometimes as much as 97%. Table games in the live casino work exactly the same as at Holland Casino, for example. The house edge is also the same.

  • Personal data

    The protection of privacy sensitive information such as personal data, gaming behavior and financial transactions is regulated in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The Dutch Data Protection Authority is also involved, just like you here can read. Providers of online gambling will have to adhere to this, otherwise there will be fines and this will probably have consequences for their license.

Online sports betting

In addition to online gambling in a casino, it is also possible to bet online on sports matches. There are many bookmakers who offer online sports betting. It is often also possible to receive a welcome bonus as a new player. Betting on sports makes it even more exciting to watch and experience sports!


One of the big differences between online gambling and gambling at a “land-based” casino is the presence of the welcome bonus. All betting sites offer new players an offer when they register and start playing for real money. These welcome bonuses usually consist of a percentage on your first deposit and some free spins on a slot machine.

In addition to the welcome bonus, there are sometimes other bonuses that you can use such as the cash back bonus, reload bonus, no deposit bonus and free spins bonus.

Online gambling with roulette
Online gambling with roulette

KOA Act (Remote Gambling)

This law makes it possible to legally offer online gambling in the Netherlands. Permits are granted under strict conditions. The government hopes in this way to better protect consumers against the dangers that gambling entails. They will also generate income by levying gambling tax.

Online gambling and CRUKS

From 2021 we will have to deal with Cruks (Central Register of Exclusion of Games of Chance). This not only applies to online gambling, the land-based gaming venues also have to do with this. In short, it means that players who cannot control themselves register with CRUKS.

As a player you can also have to deal with an “involuntary registration”. When a casino sees (thinks) that you are not doing well as a player, they can report this. The KSA will then check whether they include you in CRUKS. The registration in the register takes at least 6 months and means that you cannot play at an (online or land-based) casino.

Player data

Providers must monitor all players if they wish to gamble at a casino. When logging in in the case of online gambling or upon entering, it is checked whether you are in CRUKS. Your privacy is not at stake here because the control means that the provider receives a code back which shows whether or not you are registered. More information will not be released.

Online gambling is fun, but play consciously!

If you feel that you are no longer in control of your playing behavior and problems arise, it is very important that you take steps.

Recognizing symptoms

  • You think about gambling most of the day
  • If you have lost, you try to win back the money at all costs
  • To get money or justify where all your money has gone, you lie
  • You fail to keep to your own intentions
  • Several attempts to stop gambling have failed
  • You no longer spend time with family or friends because all your time and attention is consumed by gambling
  • You lose interest in school or work

If, after seeing these symptoms, you think: “I am,” we recommend that you contact a care provider. The authorities AGOG en GGZ Intervention can be of service to you, but of course you can also limit yourself by registering with CRUKS.


Responsible online gambling starts with choosing a legal casino. Next, it is of the utmost importance that you view gambling as a form of entertainment and not play with money. If you observe these basic rules, not much can go wrong.

It is legal if you are 18 or older and the online casino where you want to play has a valid license.

How can you block a gambling site?
When you register with the Central Register of Exclusion of Chance Games (CRUKS) you are excluded from all gambling activities in the Netherlands for at least 6 months.

If you were aware of this, it is illegal. You can be fined for this! In practice, however, this has never happened.

Do we play too?

We also like to gamble online. We are excited to try and test different new slots. At the casinos that we are going to review, we create a player account to test the customer service, payouts and bonuses of the casinos.

We spend about daily gambling and reviewing casinos and casino games. Because of this, we are often tempted. For us it's about not playing anymore that we can handle financially. We have a strict limitation in available budget. Nothing more nothing less. At the finish line we are sometimes in the minus and sometimes in the plus. And sometimes we suddenly take a nice amount with a nice big win. That's how online gambling works!