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Slingo, this is still fairly new online casino game. The name Slingo doesn't just come up anywhere today. It is the perfect combination between Slots and Bingo.

Recently, Slingo games are also in online casinos offered, and Jacks Online is the first to offer this game category!

What is Slingo?

Slingo contains the fun elements that make you slot machine knows. You can spin Wild symbols, Scatter symbols and there are also free spins to win. The big difference? You often spin with one reel with numbers on it, instead of at least 3 reels with symbols.

Themes that you may encounter will be based on slots. For example, you see Slingo Starburst, Slingo Sweet Bonanza and Red Hot Slingo. The gameplay of Slingo is a 5×5 grid. There are 25 squares and each square contains a number. The goal is to make a full house. That means you cross off all the numbers.

But what is a slingo then exactly? It's really just having a row full like you have with bingo. If one row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) is crossed off with numbers then you will see “SLINGO” on your screen. A full house means that you have played all the possible Slingos and you will win the main prize.

SLINGO! Sweet Bonanza
SLINGO! Sweet Bonanza

At the bottom of the 5×5 grid you will find a bar. This bar consists of 5 squares and serves as the 'slot' in the game. This bar rotates every time and makes new numbers appear. You start the game with a bet. Then you get a certain number of 'free spins' to start the game with. When these spins run out, you can buy a new spin for a certain amount.

NB! The closer you get to a full house, the higher the amount of a new spin becomes. Each new spin is added to your total bet. So make sure you don't bet too much, because it can go very quickly at Slingo. always stay play responsibly.

The offer of Jacks Online

As we said, Jacks Online is the first to offer Slingo for now. That is why we think that the range of Slingo at Jacks Online will expand a bit in the coming time. Currently you can already choose from more than 12 variants to play!

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