Playing limits should be lower according to Ksa

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  • Posted February 4, 2022
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The Dutch Gaming Authority has online casinos warned that the playing limits should be lower. These playing limits are set to protect players.

The chairman of the Ksa, René Jansen, calls Dutch online casinos with license to lower their playing limits.

Play limits on registration

When you create an account at an online casino as a new player, you have to set playing limits. These limits are a mandatory part of the registration process, in order to play responsibly to improve.

You can set these playing limits per day, week and/or month. With this you indicate the maximum amount of time or money you want to spend per period on online gambling.

games of chance authorityBut the Gaming Authority has found out that these limits are not that close. Players who are 24 years or older can set these in a way that there are actually no limits. For example, a deposit limit of €100.000 per day.

Players under the age of 24 can also change these limits. Extra care should be taken with players under 24. They can lose up to €400 per month.

Call to take responsibility

René Jansen calls on online casinos to take responsibility. The playing limits are there, but they are not currently set to deter players from risky gambling behaviour. René Jansen asks online casinos to adjust this before the government has to act to do this.

In Sweden, an obligation was recently introduced to lower playing limits. Stricter controls have also been announced. René Jansen tries to prevent this by making this call.

Play responsibly

play responsibly

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