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  • Posted November 8, 2021
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we know that a brings great games to the market. Now the provider has developed another great game: Lightning Blackjack. A very nice addition to the Lightning collection.

Lightning Blackjack has the same features as Lightning Roulette. That means you are playing with some great multipliers. With Lightning Blackjack, just like with normal blackjack, the aim is to get as close to 21 as possible or to get to 21.

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The multipliers are displayed in the background. These can go up to 25x. You play with an RTP of 99,56%. That is very high for live games. While playing you have the same options as in normal Blackjack.

You get 2 cards from the dealer. After that you can choose: hit, stand, double and split if possible. Do you choose to split and win with both hands? Then only one hand is paid with the multiplier.

The nice extra feature in Lightning Blackjack is the multipliers. This multiplier is awarded when you win a hand. A stronger hand has a larger multiplier. The multiplier will not be applied until the next hand you win. So you have to win 2 hands in a row to get a win with a multiplier.

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How do you play Lightning Blackjack?

You start by a to place bets. There is a big difference here compared to normal blackjack. If you bet, a bet is set aside for the multipliers. This is done automatically every round. If you bet with €1, the round will cost you €2.

lightning blackjack bets

Then the bet closes and the dealer deals the cards. Then you can choose "card", "pass", "double" or "split". The game continues when each player who participates has made a choice. This continues until you or the dealer win. Then the game starts again.

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