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Deal or no Deal is an online version of a television game known to us: Miljoenenjacht. Due to the worldwide success of the television program, it is now also possible to play this game in the online casino.

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The game is all about suitcases containing prizes that you can win. Just like on television, you will receive an offer from the bank that you can accept or refuse. The game has several elements that quickly increase the tension. There are three rounds of play to go before you can play for the real prizes.

Below you can read our review, how to play the game and we answer some questions.

Review of Deal or No Deal Live

The excitement is to cut when you participate Deal or No Deal Live. The game is available in many live casino where games from Evolution Gaming are offered. Because it uses a studio and cameras, you actually play live.

You see a presenter or presenter on the screen who controls the game and with whom you can communicate. Among other things, they take care of opening the well-known suitcases. A chat function is available that allows you to talk to other players as well.

Play Deal or No Deal

The basis for Deal or No Deal is the same as the game Million Hunt on television. This mainly concerns the last parts of the television show, where you can open suitcases with prizes.

There are three parts to Deal or No Deal. First you have to qualify yourself in the qualifying round, the second round is the Top-up round in which the chosen cases can get more value and the third round is the well-known case game.

Qualifying round

You start the game with a qualifying round. You can only really participate if you are also selected for the game. In this round you place a bet of at least 10 cents, the maximum you can bet differs per online casino. You can choose three options for betting.

qualifying round
Qualifying game
With the Normal option you play for 1 times the total bet, with the Easy option you play for 3 times the total bet and with Very Easy you play for 9 times the total bet. These options make it easier to qualify. In this round you see a golden wheel with three golden parts. If the wheel stops on a golden part, you will enter the so-called “Locked” part of the game and you may proceed to the next round.

Deal or no deal live As a casino player you will get
Choose the option that you want to qualify with

Top-up round

The next round is the so-called Top-up round. In this part of the game you will see amounts on both sides of the screen with different values. You can choose a suitcase that you want to increase the value of.

This can be done by turning a wheel. Spinning the wheel costs 1 times the bet you originally placed. The prize you win is always a minimum of 5 times and a maximum of 50 times the bet. The suitcases that are increased in value ensure that you have a better chance of winning in the next section.

Top up wheel deal or no deal

The suitcase round

The third round is the part of Deal or No Deal that matters, the suitcase game. In this round there are 16 suitcases. The cases and their values ​​can be seen on both sides of the screen. The lowest values ​​are on the left in a blue color and the highest values ​​on the right in a red color. 1 suitcase is placed separately with the presenter, after which the other suitcases are opened.

How to play deal or no deal
The suitcase round, this is what you do it all for!

In the first round, 3 suitcases are opened, after which the bank makes an offer. Round two is for opening 4 suitcases, just like in round three and in the fourth round 3 suitcases are opened. After the bank has made an offer on your suitcase, you can choose to continue playing or take the offer. You only have 10 seconds for this. After the fourth round you can have the suitcase opened or exchanged for the only other remaining suitcase. In that case you win the amount that is in the suitcase.

Offer from the bank

Deal or No Deal Live facts

Deal or No Deal live Evolution

Game type Live casino, game show
RTP 95.42%.
Min. effort € 0,10 per game
Max. effort Differs per casino
To play 24/7
Developed by Evolution Gaming & Endemol

Where do you play Deal or No Deal Live?


Below you can read some questions and answers about that Deal or No Deal live to go.

The odds of winning are relatively high. You are partly in control of how the profit can come to you. By accepting a bid from the bank you can, for example, win great prizes. The game payout percentage is 95,42 percent.

Deal or No Deal can be played in the well-known online casinos that also have a live casino. With an account you can get started and bet immediately.

Without an account it is not possible to play Deal or No Deal. You need an account to deposit money that you can participate in for the real prizes.

Our final verdict

Deal or No Deal is a fun live game with many elements. The different rounds and the way you have to play means that you can really start playing with a strategy. It is advisable to start with small amounts as a bet. Fortunately, this is possible from an amount of 10 cents per game.

Try it that way Games so that you also know what to pay attention to. The most exciting is of course the suitcase round in which you have to determine whether you accept an offer from the bank or want to open the suitcase you have. Due to the visual effects, razor-sharp images, the interaction with the studio and the music, this is highly recommended in our opinion.