Crazy Time

Online casinos have long stopped offering old-fashioned slots and table games. Due to the advent of live casinos, game developers are more concerned with the future of online casinos. A relatively new game developed by Evolution is Crazy Time.

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This game show is probably the most expensive game ever designed. With Crazy Time you end up in a studio where you can participate in an exciting game with many winning opportunities. The minimum bet is € 0,10 and the maximum differs per casino. Below you can read our review of Crazy Time, how to play the game and we will answer some questions.

Review of Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a game show that is part of a series of games released in 2020. The game is suitable for novice players, but certainly also for experienced gamblers. Online gambling is fun when you have a lot of opportunities to win and that is with Crazy Time certainly the case. However, winning is never a guarantee.

How do you play Crazy Time?

Here we explain in steps how to Crazy Time plays.

1. Go to the game Crazy Time

Om Crazy Time To be able to play you have to look for an online casino that has a live casino with games from Evolution Gaming. You can only play the game with real money, so there is no free variant (yet).

crazy time As a casino player you will get

2. Bet

As soon as you participate, you will receive chips that you can use in 8 different ways. You can bet on 1 or more at the same time.


3. A multiplier is chosen

Once you have bet, a multiplier is chosen first. One reel spins and stops on a multiplier and the other on a betting option


4. The host is spinning the wheel

The game show host then spins the wheel. This wheel of fortune is already in the background and has 54 spaces. 9 Of these subjects entitle you to a bonus.

wheel of Fortune

5. The wheel stops on a track

If the wheel stops on a number you have bet on, you will get the bet back with a profit from your bet multiplied by the number on the wheel.

crazy time live

6. The wheel stops at a bonus game

The wheel can also stop at 1 of the bonus games.

bonus game

7. Play bonus game

If you have bet on this bonus game then you are allowed to participate. This is actually what you hope for, because the bonus games can bring in big prizes and that makes it super exciting!

crazy time Evolution

Where can you Crazy Time play?

Bonus games

A nice addition to the game Crazy Time, is that there are several bonus games to play. As soon as the prize wheel lands on a bonus game, you go to that game. There are four different types of games that can be played.

In addition, a multiplier is also available with which the prizes you win can be multiplied again. This multiplier can end up on a number you can bet on and also on a bonus game. The bonus games are Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Crazy Time and Pachinko.

Cash Hunt

With the bonus game Cash Hunt you will end up in a different screen. On that screen you will see a few dozen symbols passing in rows. The screen looks a bit like a shooting gallery as you often see at the fair. The images on the screen all have a different meaning or value.

There are pictures with a rabbit, a cactus, a bird, a gift, an ice cream, a star, an apple and a hat. You then choose a symbol by shooting it. You can win up to 25.000 times the stake with this game.

Crazy Time Cash Hunt
Crazy Time Cash Hunt

Coin Flip

Coin Flip is nothing more or less than the toss of a coin. When you see this bonus game, you see a coin with a red and a blue side. Before you play, a multiplier is chosen and you can choose a color. If the coin falls so that the color you have chosen faces up, the bet you have made is multiplied by the multiplier that has been selected in advance.

crazy time coin flip
Crazy Time Coin Flip


The game Pachinko shows a large screen in a purple color. The prizes that can be won with this bonus game can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The presenter or presenter, standing above the screen, releases a ball that bounces back and forth. If the ball lands on a bonus, you win that prize.

Crazy Time Pachinko
Crazy Time Pachinko

Crazy Time

The fourth bonus game is called Crazy Time and consists of a large prize wheel with different multipliers. There are three arrows, but you can only choose 1. Together with the other players you choose an arrow that you want to use.

The wheel is then spun until it stops on a multiplier. With this you can win up to 200 times the stake. It is also possible that the prize wheel will be placed on doubler. Then the wheel is turned again. The multiplier that then comes to your arrow is doubled.

Crazy Time
Crazy Time

Payout percentages

Effort min. RTP
1 -96.08%
2 -95.95%
5 -95.78%
10 -95.73%
Pachinko -94.33%
Cash Hunt -95.27%
Coin Flip -95.70%
Crazy Time -94.41%

As you can see from the table above, betting on number 1 has the best RTP of 96,08%.

Betting on 1 would therefore be the recommended strategy, we understand that this is a bit boring. Knowing this you can, for example, avoid 2, 5 and 10. If you plan to bet big then you would want to choose something with a higher volatility, and number 10 would be the best option for this.

Crazy Time facts


Game type Live casino, game show
Min. effort € 0,10
Max. effort Depending on casino
Max. multiplier 20.000x
Max. win € 500,000


Crazy Time is only available from providers that have a live casino with games from Evolution Gaming. If you Crazy Time want to play, then you have to look for it. That is why we have already selected a number of casinos.

You can play the game from a minimum bet of € 1. If you want you can bet more up to a maximum of € 2000 per round, but then you need a big bankroll.

The maximum payout you can earn with Crazy Time can be won in the bonus game of the same name. With that you can win up to 160.000 times the original bet.

Our Verdict

Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming is a cheerful and fun game to play. The live game is very similar to an old-fashioned television show with many game elements. The nice thing is the variety in bonus games and the many possibilities to win prizes. Evolution has spent a lot of time on the details, which has also not gone unnoticed. That is why this is probably one of the better games in the live casinos at the moment. A surprising game for experienced players and also for novice players!