Is online gambling safe?

Is gambling in an online casino safe?

Top10 safe casinos

Online gambling became increasingly popular worldwide in the 90s. More and more new casinos became available online, including less reliable ones. Times have not changed much, but there is much more control over the online casinos and there are also licenses that ensure that online gambling can be offered safely, legally and only under safe and fair conditions. Casinos with an MGA license are usually super reliable and work with an RNG (Random Number Generator) that determines the winnings. This way you can be sure that the chances of winning are fair and controlled. View an overview with reliable online casinos here. These casinos are absolutely safe to gamble with online. You can recognize this by the many players who regularly gamble there. Yet there are also many casinos that do not have the licenses. So pay attention to this!

Kroon Casino is reliable and honest

Not everyone agrees

There are many disagreements regarding online gambling. In a society where the internet is starting to play an increasingly important role, it is not surprising to be critical about further developments in the field of the internet and everything that comes with it. There are many different sites and casinos that focus on fast and safe online gambling.

What can I play safely?

There are of course many different gambling websites online that offer different games. So as long as you pay close attention to whether you play at a licensed casino, you can play the following gambling games with confidence:

Today there are many companies that are developing new versions of existing and new games. This makes the range of online games very large.

Safe online gambling at live dealers

Is a live casino safe?

Online casinos increasingly focused on the live streaming of various games. Often these are games like Blackjack, Roulette or Poker. The live video streaming is labeled as unsafe by many people, but is that really the case? Almost all casinos that offer live streaming services use the so-called SSL security system, which is short for 'Secure Sockets Layer.' This security protocol ensures an encrypted connection between the device being played and the web server from which it is streaming.

The data that is exchanged is distorted so that it cannot be stolen and only the web server can decipher and read it. Many banks use the same way to churn data as the SSL system does. This is a perfect way to act quickly and safely when dealing with online money matters. This churning of data is also called encoding.

In addition to the fact that you can assume that live gambling is indeed safe, there are also a number of advantages:

  • Live casinos are open 24/7, so you can play whenever you want
  • It is very easy and you still get the atmosphere that you get in a physical casino
  • You can regularly use different types of bonuses offered by the casino
  • You hardly ever have to wait your turn because the number of tables is considerably higher than at physical casinos
  • Often you can play 2 games at the same time, so you don't have to wait as often

Are payments safe?

When you want to play at an online casino, you almost always have to create an account first. Once created you can put money in your account and this will come in a kind of personal online wallet. These are the best paying online casinos

But is it safe to just transfer money to an account? There are different types of web browsers and they all have a function that allows you to see whether a site is reliable or safe. Often you can see a lock on the left in the search bar, this shows whether the site is safe or unsafe. If the lock is closed, the site is safe and the lock is open, the site is not safe. This allows you to see whether you want money. deposit to the website.

Have you found a casino where you want to put money in your account, you can often choose between different types of payment options. This differs per casino. The most commonly used payment options are:

Credit card, usually Visa or MasterCard
Safepay, prepaid card
Bank transfer
Various e-wallets, such as Neteller and Skrill
As you can see there are many different ways that are offered. A while ago it was only possible to pay with Credit Card, but recently it is even possible with iDeal and E-wallets.

E-wallets is a product similar to PayPal, and the traditional bank transfer, which is always available.

These three methods, iDEAL, E-Wallets and bank transfer, use the security that your bank has to offer. This guarantees you a protected transaction, which - should things go wrong somewhere - can be restored by the bank. So you are always covered, even if things go wrong. This is the same when paying out the casino.

If you want to gamble safely online in an internet casino environment, you can in advance at least check whether the casino is licensed. We have made a list of the best online casinos that have at least 1 valid license and are therefore safe to gamble online. View the list of safe online casinos that are licensed here to watch.

You also determine safe online gambling

Not only do the casinos determine whether it is safe to gamble online, but you can also do good things yourself. Look at your playing behavior and judge whether you spend too much money, for example. And can you miss the money you spend? There have been various studies into the relationship between online gambling and gambling problems. This shows that online gambling is not necessarily more addictive than gambling in a physical casino. It is, of course, easier and faster to join one online casino to play. It is good as long as you have fun, but stop gambling when it is no longer fun!

Casinos with an MGA license

What is the MGA license?

The MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) provides all licenses and permits for gambling companies in Europe. The MGA license may only be used after extensive screening of the casino and regular checks. Furthermore, the casino must be able to offer a demonstrably secure environment through encryption via SSL. The data sent via the so-called SSL connection between the website and the player are all encrypted and therefore not visible to third parties. In addition, the casino must meet strict privacy protection requirements to ensure that your sensitive information is well protected. Players under the 18 are obliged to be denied by casinos with this gambling license.

A number of casinos with the MGA license are:

What is a reliable casino?

In the collection of casinos that can be found in the top 10 online casinos, we have checked a number of things. For example, we have looked at whether the casino has a valid license to offer safe online gambling. But a reliable online casino must also score points in other areas in order to be able to enter this top 10.
For example, the accessibility of customer service is important. If you have questions or problems you can always go to these casinos via a live chat or by e-mail. We also assess the welcome bonus and the promotions at the casino and of course the range of games on offer. What is fun for one player is much less for the other. A good and reliable online casino offers all kinds of casino games to offer something for everyone.