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Behind the scenes, Holland Casino Online works hard to actually realize an online casino. Of course, Holland Casino must also have the correct licenses, and these will be available this year.

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At Holland Casino online gambling

People have long talked about the launch of the Holland Casino Online platform. From 1 October it is probably that time, Holland Casino Online will open its virtual doors. Holland Casino has been the largest and most important casino in our country for a number of years.

Still, the casino gets a lot of competition online, especially from foreign online casinos. Now the company has decided to create an online casino as well. You can then take a seat behind the slot machines from the comfort of your own home.

Holland Casino currently has 14 land-based casinos spread across our country. They have been wanting to offer their own online casino to players for some time now. This is the future and Holland Casino is well aware of that. That is why the company focuses on this market. They want to offer several good casino games to attract you as a player.

Until then?

There are certainly alternatives to Holland Casino online at the moment. We have made a list of the most popular internet casinos where you can go as a Dutch player looking for a Holland Casino online alternative.

The Dutch internet casinos that we have collected in this list have been extensively tested and reviewed. If you click on the review link in the list you can read the full review of the internet casino. Only casinos with a license to offer online games of chance in Europe, and where you as a Dutch player are welcome, can be found in this Holland Casino online alternatives overview.

Holland Casino Online
Holland Casino Online

With whom can you gamble online in the Netherlands?

Holland Casino online is going to collaborate with Playtech

Although it is not yet clear exactly which games will be found in the online Holland Casino, it is almost certain that the company will use a developer called Playtech for the online games. Multiple game providers will be used, but Playtech will become the main provider.

Playtech's games are known for titles such as Kronos, Mummy, White King and even more popular slots can already be found in the land-based casino locations of Holland Casino.


  • Largest casino organization in the country
  • Lots of experience
  • Most famous brand in the field of gambling
  • Big budget for marketing


  • No experience with online gambling


At Holland Casino Online, the idea of ​​omnichannel must be actively applied. This means that the games that you can play in the Holland Casino itself can also play online. This can be via a web browser, but Holland Casino also wants to give you the option to play it with your mobile or a tablet.

The nice thing about it is that you can play with a real table in one of the Holland Casino locations. This can be, for example, live Roulette or live Blackjack. This makes an evening at home at the Holland Casino a very nice experience. It is therefore quite logical to assume that the Holland Casino Online will also be a resounding success.

An innovative company

Holland Casino is a casino that has been around for years, has a very good reputation and is also very well known. Time and again Holland Casino has managed to impress with innovations and improving the gaming experience of you as a player. So you can expect something when you start playing in the online casino.

It is a way for the company to address other target groups and to keep up with the times. By offering an online casino, Holland Casino can attract even more players.

The income allows them to look for ways to increase the offer, which you can certainly expect from Holland Casino that they will do.

A reliable player

As mentioned, Holland Casino is a state-owned company that has acquired a strong position over the years. It is a reliable company and that means that you can play safely in both the physical and online casino.

Holland Casino must of course set up a number of things to ensure that the online casino works properly. For example, the payouts must be made at the right speed, the helpdesk must be in order, there must be enough deposit options and welcome bonuses must also be considered.

At a physical casino, the catering establishments are of course important, but this is of course not important at an online casino. With interesting bonuses, the Holland Casino can attract you as a player to play and offer you a nice deal.

A safe Dutch casino

If you would like to visit an online casino, you can currently only do so abroad and this is not allowed in the first instance. The moment Holland Casino has obtained the permits for the online casino, you no longer have to go to foreign casinos for this.

By having a real Dutch online casino at your disposal, you can be sure that you can go to a safe casino and you know that your data and money are handled safely. You will have to create an account for it if you want to play in the Holland Casino online casino. Furthermore, the account must also be verified, just like other online casinos.

Wide variety of games

Since Holland Casino offers a very wide range of games in the physical casino, you can assume that this is also the case for the online casino. In addition to the standard games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Poker, you can also expect to find online slots.

There are many different developers, but as mentioned, you can mainly find the games from Playtech at Holland Casino Online. The advantage of an online casino compared to a physical casino is that it can offer many more games. The space to offer games is unlimited. In addition, as a player online you also have a better RTP, Return to Player, than in the casino. So you have a better chance of winning online.


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Platform Playtech
active 1 October 2021
License KSA
Expected revenue € 30 million in 2021
Spending per customer Expect € 119


Because they partner with Playtech, they will certainly offer a live casino. Playtech makes various fun live games and game shows.

From April 1, the KOA (Remote Gambling) law is active. Licenses can be applied for from that date. When a license is assigned, it may go live on October 1, 2021.

This is hard for us to say at this point as they are not online yet. Normally you can also try out free games at any online casino!

Remote Gambling Act

It is almost 100% certain that Holland Casino will receive a license for the online version. It is in fact a state-owned company. As a result, it neatly adheres to the rules regarding gambling both online and “offline”. It is also a way for the government to receive tax money that would otherwise be spent in foreign casinos.