Which of these four types of blackjack players are you?

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Frank Scoblete is a well-known author of books on gambling. In one of his books he talks about the three different types of blackjack players that can be distinguished. The three groups he described were: the professionals, the strategy players and the "stupid" players.

If you delve into this categorization, you may be able to add a fourth category. In addition, the use of the word "stupid" is not exactly nice. We have replaced them in this article.


It is important to understand that you can choose what type of blackjack player you want to be or become. You may belong to one of the four groups below in this article. However, if you don't like that, don't hesitate to put yourself in a fifth category. In addition to an explanation about each type of blackjack player, you can also read how you can change groups in this article.

    1. Professional players

    The most successful group of blackjack players are the professional players. Think of people who use strategy like card counters, hole card and shuffle tracking. These people actually belong to the only category of players who make a profit in the long run.

    It is worth noting that not everyone who counts cards is automatically a professional player. As with any strategy, you will need to be able to apply it flawlessly to be successful. This means a lot of playing and also a lot of practice.

    Players who apply a strategy belong to the next group, the strategic players. However, there is an important difference between a strategic player and a professional player. A professional player not only masters the strategy, but also puts a lot of time and energy into playing and practicing.

    2. Strategic Players

    This group of blackjack players understand the rules and use the best possible strategy in every situation. So they know, for example, which game has the lowest house edge and which game rules provide the most advantage for the player.

    When you use a perfect blackjack strategy in combination with good rules, the house edge is less than 0,5%. This is the smartest way to Blackjack to play.

    In fact, anyone who plays blackjack should belong to this group of players. After all, it is very easy to study the rules of a specific game. Using a strategy map, for example, is also a matter of studying the map for five minutes.

    When you take the trouble to do that, you are playing with the lowest house edge. This significantly increases the chance of making a profit in the long term.

    There is really no excuse to belong to the following two groups. Are you not a professional player and not a strategic player? Then you know exactly what to do. Learn the rules of a game and make sure you understand the pros and cons of different rules. This immediately increases your chances at the blackjack table.

    3. Ignorant Blackjack Players

    In this group you will find players who simply do not know enough about blackjack. Many blackjack players are not aware that there are different types of blackjack games. They also don't know that these have different house benefits. And when they do know this, they simply don't understand how important a low house edge is.

    In addition, they know or use the blackjack basic strategy not. Most of the time they know these, but they don't see how vital it is to follow the basic strategy.

    With the sheer amount of information available today, there's no need to remain ignorant. This is especially true when you can lose money, such as with blackjack or other casino games the case is.

    You can read books in the library, buy books in bookstores and of course look up all kinds of information online. There you will find thousands of pages of explanations and information about blackjack, the house edge and basic strategy.

    Anyone new to blackjack knows nothing about the game. By reading about it, talking about it and of course playing the game, you learn to play the game. As soon as you do this, you will automatically leave the group of unwitting blackjack players and will belong to the strategic group.

    4. Terrible Blackjack Players

    Scoblete calls this group the “stupid” players in his book. And unfortunately it seems that most blackjack players belong to this group. Players in this group are characterized by two specific characteristics.

    • First, they make bad game decisions based on how they feel.
    • And second, they make decisions based on past experience. Neither decision is based on any mathematical formula.

    Players who take out insurance for blackjack or splitting fives, for example, fall into this category. If you don't know why these choices are bad, you need to learn why. Or you can continue playing as you play now. That's entirely up to you.

    We all make mistakes, even professional players. However, playing badly is more or less a choice you make. Anyone who does not read anything and does not delve into, for example, the basic strategy, will always belong to this group. Fortunately, it is not difficult to move from this group to the strategic group.

    Players in the strategic group never take insurance and do not split fives. They make every decision based on the best possible outcome. The basic strategy is designed using computer programs that calculate the best possible game in each situation. The strategy cards are therefore based on mathematical principles that leave no room for variation in the game.

    Whoever plays according to the basic strategy makes choices that other strategic players also make. There is no room for your own interpretation. Anyone who starts with that will soon become part of the group of strategic players.

    A strategic player will almost never take out insurance. Simply because it deviates from the basic strategy. However, a professional player will probably do this. For example, a player who can count cards. He will be able to determine with greater accuracy when a blackjack may be coming for the dealer.

This is how you change groups

Any blackjack enthusiast would like to belong to the group of professional or strategic players. If you don't belong to either of these two groups, you can change that today. Start with that! There is absolutely no reason to stay in the ignorant or horrible player group. At least, not for people who want to make some profit from blackjack.

Challenge yourself to become a strategic blackjack player. Learn more about the rules of different blackjack games. Make sure you know exactly what the house edge is and how you can keep it as low as possible. Once you've learned how to find games with good rules, use a strategy card.

Don't think about playing strategically until you really understand the basic strategy and can apply it. However, has that goal been achieved? Then you may be able to move to the group where the most money is won. For example, you can learn more about card counting.

It is not difficult to be a good blackjack player. It's not even that hard to be a strategic player. It just takes some work and dedication. The most important thing is to understand which group you now belong to and whether you want to change that.

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The opinion of Online Casino Fortuna

Now that you know what types of blackjack players there are and which ones you are, you can decide to switch groups. If you're in one of the last two groups, I recommend moving up to the strategic group. You have been able to read exactly what it takes: some time and energy. If you're already in the strategic group, consider adding card counting to your strategy. It really is much easier than most people think. Within a few weeks you will certainly see that you make a little more profit than before.