Visiting Las Vegas? This is what you need to know!

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  • Posted January 10, 2022
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A visit to the Mecca of the gambling worldLas Vegas, will be high on every avid gambler's wish list. Some gamblers save for years and others are lucky enough to simply afford to visit Las Vegas regularly.

When you first visit Las Vegas, there are hundreds of things to do and thousands of things to see. In principle you will not know where you want to go first or what you will and will not do. Especially if you only have a limited time in Las Vegas, it is important that you do the right things at the right time.

Las Vegas

In this article we have listed for you what you should not miss during your visit to Las Vegas. Anyone who has done everything you can read about in this article will be able to say that they have taken full advantage of everything that Las Vegas has to offer when they return to the Netherlands.

Play in different casinos

It should be clear that in Las Vegas everything revolves around the more than 140 casinos that can be found. And the great thing about all those casinos is that no two casinos are the same. Each casino puts its own stamp on Las Vegas. Gambling in one of these casinos is therefore a must during your visit to Las Vegas.

Just stroll through the city and pick out a casino that appeals to you. Many casinos look like small amusement parks and if you don't like a casino, you will often find the next casino to play at a stone's throw away.

Bellagio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas
Bellagio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Spend an afternoon at the pool

In a city like Las Vegas there is always something to do and see. Every sense in your body is, as it were, stimulated 24/7 and it is important that you can absorb and process everything as well as possible.

It is therefore equally important to take some rest at the right times. Both the mind and the body will certainly need this at certain times in Las Vegas.

It may be that you have booked a cheap hotel without a swimming pool and then it is simply possible to visit a hotel with a towel in your bag that does have a decent swimming pool to relax. You often pay a small fee, but you can enjoy a whole afternoon and relax.

Take advantage of the free drinks

In Las Vegas you will not find any casino that charges players for the drinks they drink. If you're a casino game so you can drink in succession and you should definitely use that. Especially if you plan to stay for just a few hours and then dive into the nightlife.

Free drinks in casino
Free drinks in casino

Of course, the alcohol in your blood will cause you to play less concentrated and may also place more risky bets.

So make sure that you either have enough money with you or that you don't have more money in your pocket than you can lose. Stay at all times play responsibly.

In Las Vegas, just assume it money you play with, just all is lost. That's just how casinos are set up and in Las Vegas you simply gamble more than anywhere else. Drinks in the hotel are quite reasonably priced, but still not free. So make smart use of the fact that booze in the casinos is always free in Las Vegas.

Use the buffet after a long night at the casino

There is nothing better than grabbing a buffet after a night of gambling in one of the many casinos to start the day fresh. The quality of the food will vary from hotel to hotel and so will the price of the buffet.

The fact remains that it is always cheaper than sitting down in one of the many restaurants in Las Vegas. In addition, most buffets offer enough choices so that you can try several favorite dishes and thus reinforce the holiday feeling.

Skipping the buffet and going straight to your hotel room is simply not what they do in Las Vegas. It is not for nothing that every hotel has an extensive buffet. So make sure to use it!

Visit the most luxurious casinos

Those who like to visit casinos and can intensely enjoy what takes place within the walls of the casino should definitely not miss the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas.

These luxury casinos are real museums where there is plenty to see and do, in addition to playing the casino games of course. A gondola ride through the casino or a stunning photo shoot by a huge fountain are just two of the many, many immersive experiences that luxury casinos have to offer.

Encore Hotel and Casino
Encore Hotel & Casino

When it comes to architecture, there is also a huge battle going on between the different casinos. One casino always wants to outdo the other and that is clearly visible from the outside, but once you are inside, you will be really amazed by the delights that you will encounter.

Before you go, make a list of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas and just plan an entire day to visit them all in a row.

Take an evening stroll down the Las Vegas strip

Most people know Las Vegas mainly from the beautiful photos that were all taken on the famous Strip. This long road is where most of the casinos of Las Vegas or at least the most prestigious casinos are located.

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip

In addition, you will not only find casinos on the Strip, but also cozy restaurants, bars and other places that you can visit. Drinking alcohol is allowed on the Strip during your walk and that is all to make it as attractive as possible for tourists to visit the Strip et.

The flashing lights combined with the impressive architecture of the casinos will definitely turn your evening stroll into a little party that will stay with you for a long time to come. If it's your last night in Las Vegas and you haven't visited the Strip yet, then you know what to do last!


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Exists since 1905
Surface 352 m2
Largest hotel The Venetian and Palazzo, 7.117 rooms
Opening first hotel 1906
Opening first casino 1906
Length of the Strip 6,8 km
Population 2,2 million people

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Do what appeals to you

Many people who visit Las Vegas feel called to play in the casino. After all, that's what Vegas is all about. What they forget, however, is that Las Vegas can really offer a complete experience, if one also takes a good look outside the casino. Get out and do things you would do on any other vacation.

And above all do what you want to do yourself! Keep in mind that Las Vegas will leave an impression anyway, regardless of whether you only walk around casinos or also undertake other activities.

Our conclusion

As a vacation destination, Las Vegas is definitely hard to beat. Certainly for avid gamblers, it is a city that one should definitely visit once. The myriad forms of entertainment make it impossible for anyone not to find some aspect of the city to enjoy. If it's your first time in Vegas, get ready for possibly one of the most enjoyable vacations of your life.

The constant energy of the city can be exhausting, so taking a break every now and then is a must. Preferably at the edge of the pool. If you're not a high roller, don't think that visiting the luxury casinos isn't worth your time. Several casinos in Vegas are known for their world-class designs and attractions. And don't forget to visit the Strip during your last days and just take a lovely evening stroll.