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  • Posted July 5, 2021
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Anyone who encounters a successful gambler will think to themselves more than once: 'That's how I want to play too!' However, it does not occur to them that this is actually very simple. If you want to play like a successful player, all you have to do is do exactly the same.

Many players simply do not begin to observe other more successful players. Strange, because who wants to play like a pro, learns it best from a pro. To help you on your way, read this article about three important traits that you will encounter in every successful gambler.

successful gambler traits


Most players you see in the As a casino player you will get have a preference for a particular game. They visit the casino and invariably play their most favorite game. They feel comfortable and enjoy it. These are the players that the casino earns the most from.

Successful players choose games where they can take advantage of the casino in some way. For example, think of counting cards when Blackjack. They may have a preference for certain games, but don't cling to them.

Successful players may feel comfortable playing a particular game. However, that doesn't stop them from playing other games every now and then and looking for benefits.


Most players have no idea how important math formulas are in the casino. Others know it, but have too little knowledge or desire to delve into it. And that is the main reason why most players lose money.

Successful players know the math behind the games. They use this knowledge to their advantage. There are plenty of articles that discuss in depth which probability calculations are involved casino games is used. Read these articles and make sure you understand and can apply the context and calculations.

Do not play the games that are inherently disadvantageous, but choose the games with the lowest possible house edge. Learn not only to play a game very well, but also to know the chances of winning in different scenarios.


Successful gamblers started their gambling career the same way as any other gambler. They try to have happiness and fun and in most cases they lose. But successful players realize at some point that there are ways to play with an advantage.

This ensures that they get started with expanding specific knowledge and teaching themselves skills.

Successful players always have a plan before gambling. They're quite willing to change that plan once they're playing. But playing without a plan, that's not how successful players start.

Successful players usually have both a short-term and a long-term plan. They follow these plans until they have mastered a certain strategy or technique, for example.

They continue with what they have learned and here too the plan is often adjusted again. A new goal is then set, in which the newly learned strategy is of course taken into account.

Blackjack is one of the best games to plan with. Poker is also a very suitable game, but it often takes longer to achieve certain goals. Also the betting on sports matches is a great way to gamble planned. But just like poker, sports betting also takes a long time to learn certain skills.

Once you have a plan, however, you should never lose sight of the other two qualities. Always looking for an advantage and knowing the math behind the games. See you on your way to the roulette a sloppy dealer at the blackjack table? Then that is an opportunity. Let the roulette but wait a minute and use your advantage with that sloppy dealer at the blackjack table.

plan successful gambler

These are reliable casinos:

To illustrate a true story

A promotion was offered at one of the many casinos in Las Vegas. Players had to sit and play at the same gaming table for as long as possible. Whoever could last the longest could choose a card from a series of mega playing cards. Two or three of these cards would bring you a mega prize, but the other cards nothing at all.

After the winner of the match was announced, the space for drawing the mega cards was prepared. The winning player took place on a chair where he was not too easily visible, but did have a view of this space. He observed how the casino employee placed the mega cards. The employee paid just a little more attention to the cards with a price linked to them than to the cards without a price.

It was then a breeze for the player to point out the card with the largest prize during the big moment.
This story says at least three things about a successful player looking for an added advantage:

    1. He understood the game. He understood that if he was the longest-serving player to win the game, he could win a mega win.
    2. He had found a way to find out the mega card with the highest prize.
    3. He played by the rules. He didn't cheat while playing, nor did he cheat when choosing the cards.

Nobody could have predicted that the casino employee paid just a little more attention to the card with price. Not even the successful player. But because successful players are always looking for an advantage, observing the employee turned out to be a smart move.

The conclusion of Online Casino Fortuna

If you want to become a successful gambler, you mainly look at the way other successful players run their business. Know the odds of each game. Be prepared for potential opportunities and benefits that arise. Refine your techniques and make a short and long-term planning for this. Never forget that there are people who make their daily living playing casino games. So it really is possible and it can also be done for you!