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A royal flush is considered to be the most difficult poker hand you can get in the game of poker. Both in a physical and in a online casino. You may therefore wonder what the chances are that you will get this hand.

To get the chances clearer, you've come to the right place. This page discusses everything about the odds of a royal flush and other poker hands, so that you know how to create your chances in the game of poker.

In the information below you can see everything about the odds and also additional information about the game itself.

poker table

The Potential Poker Hands Explained

Before discussing the odds for a royal flush or other poker hands, you should first understand all the possibilities in poker. After all, there are different combinations possible, so you can expect the payouts. This article lists the poker hands in order of their rank.

no pair

This is the clearest of all hands. If you don't have a pair or higher in your hands, you talk about this. It is also known as 'high card'. The payout depends on the highest card in your possession.

A few

a few

When you have a pair in your hand, you have two corresponding card values ​​in your hand. For example, consider two fours. It's not a very good hand, but it can pay out if no other player has a pair or higher in hand.

Two pairs

two pairs

The bigger payouts don't start until you have two pairs in hand. So you have two sets in hand. For example: 2 K's and 2 10's. You can also expect a good payout if the other players at the table only have a few or none at all.

Three the same

three same

This is also known as three of a kind. As the name implies, you are dealing here with three of the same cards in a hand. For example, three farmers. In this case you have a big lead over the players who only have pairs or a high card in their hands.

a straight

a straight

The next hand you can get is a straight. This mainly concerns the standard, so not those that give you a royal or flush. You need 5 cards that are in order of each other. Think of A to five. In this case you can expect a payout.



With a flush you can leave the regular straight behind. You need five cards of the same suit. For example, if you have everything in spades, you can expect to win. So you still need a street, but then all in the same color.

Full house

Full house

A full house occurs in many different games, but also plays a major role in poker. You need two and three of the same cards for this. For example, you can get a full house if you have three tens and two fives in hand.



This is one of the hardest hands to get in poker. You must have four of the same for this. For example, you have a hand in which you have, for example, four queens. There are only two other poker hands that can beat you if you have this hand.

straight flush

straight flush

The straight flush is one of the best hands you can get in poker. So you must have hands of the same suit, such as spades or clubs, and at the same time be able to form a straight. Three to seven in spades can then give you a payout, for example.

royal flush

Royal flush

This is the best hand. The royal flush is a straight flush, but much more specific. You must have all 5 cards of the same suit. In addition, it can only be a ten or higher. So you have to make a straight with 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit for a royal flush.


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The odds in five card hands

It is good to calculate what your chances are when you play with games where you are dealt five cards. This is also known as a Five-Card Stud Poker. In order to calculate what your chances are, we look at the different possible combinations and the associated probability with which you can obtain the combinations.

It is good to mention that the opportunities discussed herein do not consider the possibility of using jokers or other cards. These are in fact available with some of the poker games.

 The hand  Odds  Combinations  Chance
 Royal Flush  1 in 649.740  4  0,00015%
 Straight flush  1 in 72.192  36  0,00139%
 Carré  1 in 4165  624  0,02401%
 Full house  1 in 693  3744  0,14406%
 Flush  1 in 508  5108  0,19654%
 Straight  1 in 254  10.200  0,39246%
 Three the same  1 in 46,2  54.912  2,11285%
 Two pairs  1 in 21  123.552  4,75390%
 A few  1 in 1,37  1.098.240  42,25690%
 no pair  1 in 0,0995  1.302.540  50,11775%

Greater chance of other events

The royal flush is the most difficult poker hand to get. It is therefore also good to see how big the chance is that something will happen in daily life compared to obtaining a royal flush. There are actually a number of things that are even more common.

In fact, getting into a car accident is 1 in 103, winning an award has a 1 in 11.500 chance and losing a limb using a chainsaw is 1 in 4464. Things you can count on that they almost never happen have an even greater chance of happening to you than that you will get a royal flush at the casino.

Dealer poker table

The odds in seven card games

There are several poker games that give you seven cards to make a certain combination. Think of Seven Card Stud and No Limit Texas Hold'em.

At first, the addition of two cards won't seem like much to most players. After all, it's only a two-card difference. However, you are not dealing with 2.598.960 possible combinations, but 133.748.560 possibilities. So with just adding two cards, more than 50 times as many possible combinations have been added.

The table below therefore indicates what your chances will be with seven cards, so that you will also get a better picture of this.

 The hand  Odds  Combinations  Chance
 Royal Flush  1 in 30.939  4324  0,00323%
 Straight flush  1 in 3589  37.260  0,02785%
 Carré  1 in 59422  4848  0,16807%
 Full house  1 in 37,5  3.473.183  2,59610%
 Flush  1 in 32,1  4.047.644  3,02549%
 Straight  1 in 20,6  6.180.020  4,82987%
 Three the same  1 in 19,7  6.461.620  23,49554%
 Two pairs  1 in 3,26  31.433.400  23,49553%
 A few  1 in 1,28  58.627.800  42,82255%
 no pair  1 in 4,74  23.294.460  17,41192%

In the table above it is immediately apparent how much higher your chances will be to get a certain hand in your possession. So with seven cards you can get to a royal flush faster. However, you also have to significantly increase your own chances to actually take advantage of this small advantage. Thanks to the seven cards you at least have many more combinations to start with and you will also see results faster.

How much the odds improve

Now that you know the difference between a five-card and seven-card deck, you can start looking at how much your odds have actually grown. For this you can look at both tables. You will immediately see that the chance of a royal flush has been increased by 2000%. A straight flush has a raise of 1910,64%, four of a kind a raise of 600%, Full house 1702,13%, flush 1439,38%, straight 1077,02%, three of a kind 128,60%, two pair 394,24, 3,71%, a few 65,26% and no pair a reduction of XNUMX%.

It is also noticeable that the chance that you will not have a good poker hand at all is significantly reduced. After all, the chance that you do not have a pair or higher in your hands has become negative. So you could already gain your first advantage by switching poker game.


Now that you know what the odds are in the different poker hands, you can decide for yourself where you can take advantage of. The chance that you will get a royal flush remains small, but you can increase your own chances by playing with seven cards. However, if you are planning to play poker at the casino, you need to know a lot more about the game and the techniques involved. It is therefore also wise to go through the complete guide, so that you get even more information and also know which strategies are possible.