The most famous online poker games in the Netherlands

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  • Posted July 13, 2022
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Here you can play online poker:

From the end of 2021, Dutch players can contact legal Dutch casinos thanks to the entry into force of the Remote Gambling Act. This means that the Dutch Gaming Authority has designated a number of websites that are now legally allowed to offer online casino games.

Under this casino games also the ever popular poker. Poker games where there is no real cash prize to be won still do not require a license. If you would like to play for real prizes, you will have to look for an online casino that can offer poker games with a license.

Poker has a number of different forms of play and different variants. Each of these games has its own charm and therefore its own advantages. Which variants are actually the best known? We list the best and most famous poker games in the Netherlands for you, including game explanations and where you can go for these games!

Where can I legally play poker games?

Since the entry into force of the Remote Gambling Act, approximately twenty online casinos have been active on the Dutch market. Not all of them also offer poker games directly. At the moment you can go to a number of different legal providers in the Netherlands. These include GGPoker, Unibet, Bet365, BetCity,, Circus and Holland Casino Online.

In addition to these legal providers, there are also a lot of providers that do not offer their services legally according to the KSA. You often cannot play at these games, for example because the KSA has blocked the creation of an account on this website.

Can you play there by any chance? Then we advise you not to actually do this. Firstly, this is simply illegal, which could result in your account being blocked. This way you will also lose all your deposited money. Secondly, you are not protected under Dutch consumer law. So if something goes wrong on the site, you can't go to any official body to have the problem rectified. Finally, paying out any prizes you may have won is extremely difficult and uncertain.

What are popular variants of online poker?

With many online providers you will be able to choose between two different types of poker as standard. Of course, Texas Hold'Em should not be missing: this is by far the most famous and most popular version of poker. Pot Limit Omaha is also often played and offered.

Pot Limit Omaha has become very popular, especially in recent years. Once you've mastered Texas Hold Em, you can take all your experience and implement it into Pot Limit Omaha almost instantly.

In addition to standard Texas Hold Em and Pot Limit Omaha, you can sometimes find a third variant: Omaha hi/lo. This game is also called PLO8. This game still resembles the standard poker variants, but also differs a little bit. You can find this variant, for example, on Holland Casino Online.

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Poker is still a very popular game, even in online casinos. The most played variant of the game is still Texas Hold Em, followed by Pot Limit Omaha. Variant Omaha Hi/Lo or Omaha 8 is also being played more and more. Because each game has its own charm and tactics, you can often alternate online. You also have the choice between playing a cash game, Sit & Go or multi-table tournament. That makes poker a very versatile and also very fun game to play in an online casino of your choice!