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If you search the internet for certain information about gambling, you will soon come across thousands of gambling websites. However, many of these sites often have colorful ads and other offers for online casinos and poker sites.

That begs the question of what you can actually expect from a website with information about gambling. What makes one gambling information website better than another? And how do you know if you can trust a site's recommendations or reviews?

It is well known that webmasters can receive commission by referring visitors to a gambling site. That's fine, as long as the information the website provides is correct and honest.

In this article you can read what you can pay attention to when visiting an informative website about gambling. You can then use the things you read in this article as a guideline when looking for information about gambling.

    1. An “About Us” page on the gambling website

    Any self-respecting webmaster will want to tell visitors who the person or company behind the site is. This can be a personal story, the purpose of the website or the history of the company. Visitors then know who they are dealing with.

    The presence of an “About Us” page increases visitors' confidence in the information on the website. So for web administrators a good reason not to leave this out. For visitors, the absence of an “About Us” page is a signal that the content may not be taken too seriously.

    2. Game Specific Pages

    When you visit a site that claims Blackjack information, then that information must also be readily available. They will not only offer the basic information, but also explain variations such as Spanish 21 or Super Fun 21.

    Some sites specialize in different types casino games. In that case, you should be able to find a page about each of the well-known casino games. Think of games like blackjack, roulette, slots and play video poker. These sites should also provide information on strategies, winning opportunities and techniques. The idea behind a gambling information site should be to help the visitor get the most out of their money.

    This will not work if there are no details of games and the winning odds for each game. And of course this also includes explaining different strategies.

    3. Regular new articles

    Some websites are designed as static websites. They publish information and then stop updating it. Also, no new messages are added to the website.

    You can expect more from an informative gambling website. Most legit sites have a blog section somewhere on the site. Or they have a page dedicated to updates where they explain which pages they've updated and what they've done with them.

    Imagine a site that online casino reviews offers. Suppose this site never updates the content. How do you know that the casino reviews are still valid?

    Gambling companies are constantly changing hands. Even blackjack strategy changes over time to account for changes in game conditions.

    4. Questions and Answers from the Gambling Website

    Often when you visit an informative gambling website you are looking for specific information. The best way to answer frequently asked questions is to put them together on a page.

    It is also an easy way for webmasters to find out what kind of content they might be able to add to the website later. Just about every well thought out informative gambling website has a number of pages of questions and answers.

    However, this does not directly mean that its lack is a signal that the website is untrustworthy. After all, it takes time and questions and answers will also have to be updated. But it is an extra signal that you are dealing with a serious website.

    5. Game or Casino Recommendations

    You will have no trouble finding a gambling information site that recommends certain casinos. Some websites limit themselves to a single casino, others expand over a large number of casinos.

    Links to other websites, whether casinos or other informational websites, may be helpful. For example, to deepen or to mention the source of a story. However, keep in mind that some sites only provide links to websites that are also from the same company.

    In other cases, there may be affiliate links. This allows a website to earn commission. Do you visit a casino via such an affiliate link and play you at that casino, the webmaster will receive a fee. Keep these things in mind when visiting an informative gambling website.

    6. Reliable Gambling Website Reviews

    Every informative gambling website offers at least a few casino reviews. There are also websites that only provide reviews about casinos or casino games.

    The problem with most of these sites is that it often doesn't offer real reviews. You may rather see these so-called reviews as advertisements.

    When the review uses a lot of marketing language to describe the casino and its games, it usually isn't a fair review. In that case, it is wise to look for another website.

    However, if you come across any negatives or criticisms in a review, chances are you're dealing with a legitimate review.

    The spelling can also tell a lot about the legitimacy of a review. If it is written in the I-form, then there is a chance that someone will really share their experiences. If it is written in the we-form, then you can have your reservations about that.

    There is no perfect way to distinguish legitimate online casino reviews from pure advertisements. Apart from the tips above and of course your common sense.

    7. Search function

    Anyone who writes texts to inform others will always ensure that visitors can also find those texts easily. A search function to make searching on a website easier should therefore not be missed. Not even on any informative gambling websites.

    A good gambling website has a logical, simple and useful navigation structure. A sitemap can also be added. Here visitors will find all pages that can be found on the website. This also makes finding the information visitors are looking for a lot easier.

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The conclusion of Online Casino Fortuna

Most informative gambling websites offer no more than pure advertorials. They place affiliate links to casinos and other websites. Through these links, webmasters can receive a fee when visitors play at the casino, for example.

The extent to which this happens depends on the integrity of the information site owner. There are websites that pay little attention to the content and are all about generating commission.

However, there are also websites that combine both. They offer good, honest content and earn some extras through the affiliate links. They have found the right balance between providing good and reliable information and getting something in return.