How a Slots Mindset Can Affect Your Betting Results

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The only game where a slot machine mentality won't affect your results is the slot machine. However, you don't have to be a fan of slots to perform poorly with a slots mentality.

Have no idea what a slot machine mentality is? Do not worry! In this article we want to consider how a slot machine mentality can negatively affect your playing results.

In addition, we provide tools with which you can prevent your results from being adversely affected by a slot machine mentality.

What is a slots mentality?

When you're on a slot machine play, put your money in the machine, spin the reels and hope for a nice prize to land on the reels. There is no way to use a certain strategy in a slot machine. This means that you are completely dependent on the luck factor. There's nothing more you can do than just hope you win something.

Now there is nothing wrong with playing slots, videoslots or slot machines. It's a relaxed way to kill some time and try to hit that progressive jackpot, for example. But playing slots is and remains the ultimate gambling. You need luck and the casino always has a huge advantage over slot players.

The problem that arises with a slot machine mentality is that a lot of players use the same way of playing as with other casino games. There are plenty of poker players who bet their entire bankroll on a flush or Ace-King, purely on the gamble. They hope to get it right at once. Something that won't happen more often than it will.

And that's what we mean by a slots mentality:

Rely on luck and hope the outcome is in your favor. That is a great starting point when you play on a slot machine or video slot, but not with other casino games.

Playing with higher odds of winning

There are plenty of games in the casino that offer a much better chance of winning than slots. But that only applies when these games are played according to a certain strategy. A slots mentality will undoubtedly lead to big losses with these games.

Below you will find some of these games. With each game there is also a tip to prevent you from playing with a slot machine mentality at that game.


    Blackjack is one of the best games available in the casino if you are willing to play according to a strategy.

    With decent rules and a good approach you can already play with a house edge of less than 0,5%. A house edge of half a percent is lower than what you will find on most slot machines.

    However, if you use no or the wrong strategy in blackjack, the house edge can suddenly rise to as much as 3%. The good news is that it's easy to find the right blackjack strategy to use.

    The simplest strategy in blackjack is to use a strategy card. Every round of the game you follow this card and never bet on a side bet. That's the best strategy. Especially when you are just starting out with blackjack.

    Many players at the blackjack table still play too often by feel. In doing so, they also focus more than once on recovering losses. Every time you play a game based on feeling rather than using the right strategy, you are playing blackjack with a slot mentality!

    Video Poker

    video pokerVideo Poker is a computerized game, just like slots and fruit machines. However, the game is designed in such a way that it is possible to use a certain strategy. There are also several online video poker machines available with different pay tables, each offering a different house edge.

    Knowing the best paytables and using the best strategy will therefore give you a better house edge. Think of games such as Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better, where the house edge is sometimes equal or even better than with blackjack. And just like with blackjack, you can also use a strategy card in video poker.

    The hand with the highest payout on most video poker machines is a natural royal flush. Some players always draw to a royal flush and ignore less paying hands in the hope of getting a big win. Any strategy based on hope is not really a strategy, but just a piece of slot machine mentality.


    One of the reasons that slots are immensely popular is that they are very easy to play. Much easier than, for example, blackjack or poker for which some insight is required. Baccarat is a golden mean here.

    Baccarat is just as easy to play on a slot machine and also has a much lower house edge than, for example, blackjack. You don't have to worry about the strategy. The only strategic rule in baccarat is to play on the bank's square. This square has a slightly lower house edge than the player's square.


    Roulette has no strategy at all, because all bets on most betting options have the same house edge.

    The only exception is the bet on a double zero in American roulette. The house edge on this American version of the roulette is almost twice that of the European roulette.

    So it is preferable to always play the European variant. This has a lower house edge than American roulette but has a slightly higher house edge than with blackjack or baccarat. But the house edge in roulette is always much lower than on a slot machine.


    Craps is without a doubt much more complicated to play than a slot machine. But if you manage to stick to the most advantageous bets, the complexity is not that bad. Beginners should always play on the pass line bet.

    Once a point is fixed, play the odds bet on the point. This provides an overall house edge of only 1,41%. Craps has the added benefit of being slower than most games. Any loss is therefore much less high than with a slot machine.

    A bet on the don't pass line is slightly better than the pass line, but most players stick to the pass line. Out of habit, but also because most other players do this.

    If you bet on the 'don't pass' line, you must also place the odds bet if a point is set.

    The combination of a low house edge and slow play makes craps a better choice than slots. Don't be intimidated by all the action on the craps-table. Stick to the simple bets described above.


    pokerPoker is the best option if you have no problem learning strategy. The reason poker is the best option is because you play against other players.

    Once you've mastered poker strategy, you'll win more than you lose. With a slot machine you can only hope to win a jackpot. However, good poker players can make consistent profits over the long run.

And then there's a whole other kind of bet

The only reason to play slots is the fairly high jackpots. Whoever plays a slot machine for a long time and is not lucky enough to win a jackpot, always loses in the long run. Winning a jackpot will undoubtedly change your life significantly. After all, it is usually millions. But most players don't experience that in their lifetime.

Instead of playing slots, there is another nice alternative, which is participating in a lottery. With a lottery, the house edge is much higher than with slots and the chance of winning the top prize is smaller than with a slot machine. But if you win the main prize, you often win ten or a hundred times more than that jackpot on the slot machine.

Another advantage of playing the lottery is that you can buy a lottery ticket for a few euros. Participating in the lotto costs a few euros per month. The state lottery with higher prizes costs €25 for a whole lottery ticket, but can also be played with half tickets.

Participating in the lottery is still a kind of slots mentality. But in any case, you have a very small chance of winning even more than on a slot machine.

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The only games where you can use a slots mentality without a problem are the slots, keno, bingo and the lottery. With any other casino game, you really need to ditch the slots mentality. Learn a strategy for the game you've chosen and forget the one strategy that really won't help you: 'hope for a win'.