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You are probably familiar with the short dialogue where one person says to the other: “You can trust me with any secret”. He then gets the following response: “If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore, would it?”.

You may also use this dialogue yourself. He can also be seen in television programs. Even in interviews, it is eagerly used not to answer a particular question.

The world is full of secrets and the gambling world is no exception. But many secrets are not that secret anymore. For some, the secrets in this article will be astonishing, while others already knew them.

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    Facial recognition technology for commercial use was first used in the mid-2000s. Casinos, high-tech manufacturers, defense contractors, law enforcement agencies, and other industries were already using it back then.

    Facial recognition systems have been used in movies for much longer. It is often suggested that the government or large criminal organizations can track you, no matter where you are.

    While facial recognition isn't going that far today, the technology is certainly scary enough to keep you awake.

    Facial recognition originated from old spy software for optical analysis. In the XNUMXs and XNUMXs, the CIA had to analyze thousands of surveillance photos from satellites every year. In collaboration with major companies, they developed computers and software that recognized shapes in images.

    This optical industry has grown by leaps and bounds since then. The algorithms have been applied in learning systems all over the world. Facial recognition systems now integrate everything learned about identifying objects and people in images. This regardless of the angle, lighting, color and size of the image. While not all casino surveillance uses this technology, the number is increasing.

    2. MANY CASINO EMPLOYEES ALSO gamble themselves

    Casino employees often provide players with all kinds of advice. Usually through interviews and blogs or just at the gaming tables. There are hundreds of blogs where you can read their stories. They range from huge wins won to entire fortunes lost.

    Casino employees often explain everything in blogs. Think of the reliability of games, game rules or how casinos observe their players. In these blogs, however, casino employees will not easily indicate that they also like to gamble.

    A common perception among gamers is that “casino workers know better” than gamblers. After all, they are trained to run the game. So they will have to understand the game to some extent.

    Many casino employees also like to gamble themselves. They just can't do that in the As a casino player you will get or the gambling hall where they work. Once upon a time, there was a dealer in Las Vegas who crossed the street after working at the casino to gamble at a competitor. He then promptly won the jackpot.

    Many card game dealers really like to play cards. That can hardly be otherwise when you play a card game day in, day out for years.

    Some card players specifically look for a job as a dealer because they want to play the game without risking their own money. And being a dealer is a great way to learn from the mistakes of others. Some dealers even go pro, including big names like Erick Lindgren, Johnny Chan and Ted Forrest to name a few.


    Just because casino employees gamble all day doesn't mean they know better how to play the game than you do.

    Some casino employees tell bloggers and news media that they know dealers who give really bad advice. They may be doing it because they don't know any better. Or they might do it because they want people to lose.

    Dealers are people. If you treat them with respect, they will treat you with respect. However, their core job is to ensure that the game is played fairly and players have fun.

    Being the game master of a game doesn't necessarily mean that a dealer is a talking encyclopedia. Every dealer learns to handle questions the right way. If a dealer refuses to give advice, it may be prohibited by the casino. Or maybe the dealer just doesn't know the answer. Those who then insist should not be surprised when they receive bad advice.

    Many people want free advice. Few are willing to learn by doing. And maybe it's a good thing that most dealers are just average players. After all, the house edge is fixed and the casino always wins in the end.


    Anyone planning to visit Las Vegas will notice that there are constantly people pouring drinks. Gambling and booze are a bad combination, at least for players. For casinos it is better when people consume alcohol. This will make them more likely to continue playing.

    It's easy for bartenders to fill orders with those hoses, but they're high-tech devices. The amount of liquid dispensed is measured by and recorded on a computer.

    Bartenders sometimes admit that "better drink" is only served from the bottle. That is also quite logical. Selling cheap, watered-down booze is more profitable than squirting the best whiskey into every shot glass.

    If you want a bartender to come by regularly with a drink, give him a good tip. Want to have the better drink? Then take the trouble to just ask for a drink from the bottle at the bar.


    Players on slots have invented and spread various fables over the years. Many fables are patently untrue. But some do contain a grain of truth.

    One of the most interesting secrets is that the casino determines its own winnings per slot machine. This happens during the first month that a new game is introduced.

    Casinos do not always have a good idea of ​​how much a slot machine pays out exactly. During the month they form a picture of this. By then, players will have lost enough to make the game profitable.

    This means for the average gamer that a slot machine pays better when it has just entered the casino. Your chances of winning don't change overnight. But whoever tries to play the latest slots will be able to take advantage of this.

    The casino simply does not know in advance how a machine will pay until players use it. Everything from the manufacture of the machine to the sales pitch and specification sheet is all theoretical. Only when it is played are clear figures known.

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If you already knew all 5 secrets, consider yourself a knowledgeable connoisseur of gambling trivia. If you knew three or four of these secrets, you are quite familiar with the gambling world. If you only knew 1 or 2, don't feel bad. After all, they are gambling's best kept secrets.