Bonus Buy Slots

Bonus Buy, Feature buy, buy bonus, you know it. These are all terms for slots that give you access to the free spins feature or bonus round of the game. But how exactly does it work, and which Bonus Buy Slots are best?

There is nothing more fun than finally playing in the bonus round after playing on a nice slot for a while. Because anyone who loves online gambling knows that in the bonus round there is often the most potential to win a lot! But not every bonus round is easy to win. You will notice that you are sometimes in the bonus or free spins in no time, but sometimes it can take a long time!
Online Casinos capitalize on this by offering Bonus Buy Slots. You can also buy the bonus directly at these slot machines. That is of course very useful if you do not want to wait for the bonus to fall. At the casino below you can find the best bonus buy slots:

Tip: Play bonus buy slots at reliable casinos

Because it costs more money to buy a bonus at once, it is all the more important to play at a reliable casino. One of the most reliable online casinos is Betamo casino. We have an extensive Betamo casino review written and the casino extensively tested. This test showed that this casino considers safe and reliable online gambling to be of paramount importance. Also nice, for new players there is an exclusive bonus ready if you via this link create an account with Betamo. As can be seen below, the casino has a specific category where you can find all bonus buy slots:

The creation of feature buys

Don't want to wait for a bonus to finally land on the reels of your favorite online slot machine? Here's everything you've always wondered about the bonus buying feature. The modern bonus option (or feature buy) was introduced in the world of online gaming back in 2017 with the release of now wildly popular White Rabbit. Big Time Gaming's signature Feature Drop ™ option set a standard that would be followed by a long line of slots - from Big Time Gaming itself and their competitors. Interestingly, the bonus option is White Rabbit and for example Extra Chilli stay unique because you collect coins while playing to lower the feature buy price tag. This is a typical feature of BTG slots. Pragmatic Gaming is also a well-known player who is known for increasing the bet in order to have twice the chance of a bonus.

How bonus buy slots work

But how exactly does a bonus buy slot work? Well actually it is quite simple. It comes down to buying a bonus for a fixed amount, for example € 100, on a bet of € 1 per spins. After you have bought the bonus you will immediately enter the bonus round and you can play the free spins. The higher the volatility, the more chance you have of a huge profit or nothing at all! That is something to watch out for, because the money can of course run out very quickly. In the UK, bonus buys slots have been banned by the Gambling Commission since early 2020. You can still play the slots there but no longer buy a bonus. Fortunately, in the rest of Europe, however!

Tips before you get started

So, is there anything you should know about the bonus purchase / feature buy before diving in? The truth is, by and large, buying a bonus seems the same with most games, but there are some things to keep in mind. The feature buy can often be found on Megaways slots. Read here which Megaways slots be the best. One of the positive aspects is that if you choose to activate the bonus buy option, you usually benefit from a higher RTP. What that means is that your chances of winning are higher compared to standard gameplay.

Buy bonus Extra Chilli + Free Spins gamble

When it comes to buying the bonus feature, some bonus buy slots are more noticeable than others. For example, buying 18 spins in Machina Megaways will cost you 337 times your stake - much more than the standard 50-100x standard from Big Time Gaming and other established providers. However, if you buy a bonus in the popular BTG title Extra Chilli, you can also double or lose the free spins by gambling them. NetEnt also went with a fairly expensive version in their first ever feature buy slot Serengeti Kings. Although 3 scatters have a fixed price, the cost of additional scatters is dynamic and can cost up to 360 times your stake or more. Then there are slots like Genie Jackpot Megaways where buying the bonus doesn't really guarantee you a bonus.
When it comes to online casino slots, a 'feature buy' is more than a pleasure! It is a shortcut that takes you directly to the bonus round of the game.