Online Bingo

Where can you still play online bingo with real money? We have found the best website for you where you still are online bingo and can play keno. But how does it work again?

If you have ever played a game of bingo you will still know the rules of the game. You must keep a close eye on your card and collect all the numbers until you may have a full line and you call very hard bingo.
If you play online bingo, your card will be filled in automatically and you no longer have to worry about missing a number. Ideal and very nice if you want to play a fun bingo.

Play bingo for real money SlotV: A nice website with many different types bingo en keno, press the button below. We have tested this online casino extensively, it is fair and reliable.

Different bingo games


Keno is a type of bingo but it is not the same. There are a number of differences, although most say that online bingo is the same as playing Keno. The biggest difference is that in Keno you play without opponents. So you only play against the computer. With online bingo you usually play together with several bingo players. In terms of game rules, there are not that many differences and the chance of winning is just as great with Keno as with online bingo and with both you have to buy bingo cards to play with.

Normal bingo

Besides Keno you can also play several types of online bingo. Below you can see an overview of the most popular types of online bingo at SlotV casino. These regular bingo games are very similar to the type of bingo that you can play together at parties and cozy evenings. It is true that each type of standard Bingo has other nice extras. But the game's bingo cards just have 25 squares and 24 numbers. The numbers run from 1 to number 75. Furthermore, there is a grid on the card of five by five and above each vertical row of 5 squares is a letter of which together form the word 'BING O'.

Online bingo cards

If you are going to play bingo online, you naturally need bingo cards. That is very simple because all you have to do is sign up and, for example, transfer money to your player account via Trustly or iDeal. If you have subsequently chosen a fun bingo game you can choose to play with the money from your balance or free with fake money. The best online casino where you can play bingo with real money is Betamo. An honest website where many players have already won a lot.

What does an online bingo card cost?

You determine how many bingo cards you buy per round. The amount of tickets you can buy varies per bingo game. There is always a maximum amount of cards that you can buy per round because your winnings must of course be greater than the sum of money that you have to pay for all those bingo cards. The price per card varies per game but can usually also be adjusted. So you choose how much money you bet and how much you can ultimately win.

A good online casino has multiple types of online Bingo and Keno to choose from

TIP: Bonus Bingo

If you are looking for a fun online bingo game we have a tip for you: Bonus Bingo. The nice thing about this game is that you can increase profits as you have chosen more numbers correctly. As you can see in the picture above, you can win your bet up to 10.000 times if you have guessed all ten numbers correctly! You can get bonus bingo at Betamo play, click here to visit the casino.

The best regular bingo game

If you are looking for the best regular online bingo game, Bingo bonanza might be the best! You can play it at Cashiopeia en SpinShake. Both very good online casinos where you can play Bingo bonanza. Bingo Bonanza is one of those games that you can play right away because it is such a simple game to understand. This bingo variant can be played for € 0.50 to € 10.00. Bingo Bonanza has the ability to cash out incredible amounts. It is even possible to win as much as € 100.000! This is a simple game with a great design. Not only can you enjoy it easily, but you will also find it very entertaining and fun. 


Playing bingo is still very popular. You just need to know where you can best play online bingo and which websites offer your favorite game. Read more here: Which online casinos are reliable. That is why we have shown you some good websites and now we can only wish you a lot of fun and good luck!