The game of bingo has been played in its basic form for several hundred years. Online casinos always offer one or more variants and with an account at a casino online you can also play on your smartphone or tablet. We tell you the rules of the game, some tips, the strategy and more.

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Where do you play bingo?

Bingo can be played anywhere. That sounds a bit strange, but in theory it is possible. By everywhere we mean that you can play online bingo if you want to. Online casinos always offer one or more variants. You can also play on your smartphone or tablet with an account at a casino online. If you want to play bingo in a special way, choose a live version. Live Bingo can be played in Live Casinos and offers you the opportunity to participate in a real bingo game in a studio or a casino via video connection.

Best Casinos to Play Bingo Online:

When you think of bingo you may not think of a casino very quickly, but it is still possible to play this game. The game of bingo has been played in its basic form for several hundred years.

What is Bingo?

In casinos you often have the option to play this game. This is possible, for example, with slot machines where the numbers that are drawn are automatically striped from your card. Online you can also play bingo in casinos. In addition to the basic shape, there are also different variants that make the game just that little bit more exciting and attractive. For example, you can also play bingo in a live casino.

Below we'll tell you more about playing bingo, how to play it for free, how to do it online and where to play. We tell you about the rules of the game, the ways in which you can bet and the way in which you can be paid. You will also receive more information about the history of the game, we will give you some tips and finally you will receive answers to some frequently asked questions about bingo.

How do you play bingo?

1. Open account and buy bingo card

You open your account in the online casino and then look up the game of bingo. Then you buy a bingo card, or several. You are going to play the game with these card (s).

buy bingo card

2. Play game

As soon as you have your bingo card (s) you can start playing. In many cases you can join a game or choose a room to play in. This is possible if you are going to play Live Bingo online, for example. If you play against the computer, you can immediately start a game.

The balls with numbers are then drawn and the good thing is that the correct numbers are immediately crossed out. So you don't have to do anything yourself.

start bingo

3. Profit?

If you have bingo then you have won. Then you also get paid.

bingo page cover
Bingo is fun!

Types of bingo

Bingo has different variants. It is a very popular game all over the world. Due to the simplicity of the game, it is possible that there are so many different variations. We tell you about the four best-known and most important variants.

  • 30 Ball Bingo - 'Speed ​​Bingo'

  • 30 ball bingo
    30 Ball Bingo playing card
    For this variant you use the fewest numbers on your bingo card. Hence the name 'Speed ​​Bingo'. Despite the fact that this variant is not as common than the others, you can come across it on various online casino sites.

    You play this game with only 30 balls or numbers in the game at a time. This can create a different kind of tension for you than the normal bingo games.

    Speed ​​Bingo playing cards have 9 numbers. Each playing card is filled with a 3x3 grid. Not only is the game played at a faster pace, but there is also only one grand prize for the full-house winner.

  • 75 Ball Bingo

  • 75 ball bingo
    75 Ball Bingo playing card
    This variant is most popular in the United States. Several variations exist in the country. To win this variant, you must have ticked an entire row of numbers off your card. Often you have to do this in one direction. In other words: up, down or diagonally.

    Alternate versions allow players to use different patterns to complete a row. 75 Ball Bingo is played with 75 balls. The playing card consists of a grid of 5 x 5. This does not automatically mean that you are playing with 25 numbers. The middle box has been left empty. This means that you play with 24 numbers.

  • 80 Ball Bingo

  • 80 ball bingo
    80 Ball Bingo playing card
    This variant is specially made for online players. 80 Ball Bingo has become more and more popular over the years. You win this game by completing a full row in the pattern on the map.

    As with 75 Ball Bingo, each column has a number sequence. For example, the first row contains 1-20 en, the second 21-40, and so on. A playing card of 80 Ball Bingo has a grid of 4 x 4. This means that you play with 16 numbers.

    There are a number of patterns with which you can win. These include 4 angles, certain numbers, horizontal lines and vertical lines.

  • 90 Ball Bingo

    90 ball bingo
    90 Ball Bingo playing card
    This is the most popular variant of Bingo worldwide. You play the game with 90 numbers. The numbers are displayed randomly across the grids. Each grid has 9 x 3 squares. But not every box contains a number.

    You have 5 numbers and 3 rows per grid. This means that you play with 5 x 3 numbers, so with 15 numbers per grid. In total you have 6 different grids on a playing card. So you have 6 x 15 numbers, which is 90 numbers in total.

    You play 90 Ball Bingo in three phases. The first winner is the person who completes a horizontal row.

    Then the second winner is the one who completes two horizontal rows.

    And in the end, the third winner is the person who has crossed off all the numbers on one grid. So 15 numbers on one grid. They also call this a full house.

  • Rules of the game

    The rules of the game are actually very simple. If you play online you don't even have to do much, because the numbers are automatically crossed out, for example. First of all, you must have a card in order to play. A bingo card has 75 or 90 numbers in rows and columns. It is possible and allowed to play with multiple cards. The numbers are drawn and crossed off from the cards you have.

    If you play in real life, you have to cross out the numbers yourself. The moment you have a horizontal row, several rows or a card full, you have bingo. Cheating is not possible online, but it is possible in a brick-and-mortar casino or elsewhere. However, you are always checked whether the numbers you have crossed out are correct.

  • Stakes and Payouts

    Bingo is not really betting, because you basically buy cards. You may be playing a variant that is different from the basic form of the game. How you can bet depends on the rules that apply to the game.

    It is always wise to read the rules before playing a game. The payout is often a fixed amount per full bingo card. This can be, for example, € 25 or € 50 and also depends on the game you are playing. There are several other ways to get paid if, for example, there are bonuses associated with the game. Then in some cases you can also have a chance to win a progressive Jackpot.

  • Strategy

    Playing bingo can be difficult with a strategy. Still, it is possible to help a little in being lucky. You cannot influence the balls and numbers that are drawn. What you can influence is on the purchase of the bingo cards you want to use.

    Often you can choose which cards you buy, look at the numbers and choose cards with your lucky numbers. Buy multiple cards to have a better chance of winning. That's basically the best way to have fun in the game and play according to a strategy.

  • Play Bingo for free

    If you want, you can play bingo for free. You cannot play for prizes, but you can experience the fun of the game. You can also do that if you want to get acquainted with bingo or another variant of the game online, for example. You can almost always play free bingo at online casinos. In that case you will have access to a virtual amount and you can start playing without risks. If you ultimately want to win real prizes, then you have to deposit money into your account.

  • Play online

    Bingo can be found online at almost every casino. You don't need much to play online. If you play for free, you can often do without an account. Do you want to play seriously and for money betting, then you have to create an account.

    Choose a reliable casino and research the options for playing bingo. Look at the conditions and rules for creating an account and for depositing money. In many cases you can open an account within minutes. As soon as you have put money in the account, you can start playing bingo as explained in the previous step-by-step plan.

  • Tips

    • Choose the Correct Variant

    • Bingo has different variants. Try out the different variants so that you can see which variant suits you best. And so you can also see which bingo game you like to play the most.

    • Concentration is key

    • In bingo it is important that you keep playing concentrated and that you keep paying attention. One moment not paying attention can cause you to miss a number that is on your playing card. This can make the difference for you whether you win or not.

    • Play with multiple bingo cards

    • Theoretically, you increase your chances of winning if you buy multiple bingo cards. Just keep in mind that you still have to pay attention and that you have to be able to look at every bingo card to cross out numbers. Too many bingo cards can therefore cause you to miss that one number, because you do not have enough time to check all the cards.

    • Play fair

    • It is of course very easy to cross out a number that has not been mentioned. Do not do this. It makes no sense. Every bingo card is checked if you claim to have 'bingo'. If there is a number that is not mentioned, your 'bingo' will not be approved.

    • Play consciously

    • Bingo is also a game of chance. This means that you have no influence on the outcome. So you may lose. Therefore, only play with money that you can afford to lose. It is also wise to set a limit in advance with which you are going to play. Have you reached this limit? Then stop playing. Have you reached your profit target? Then stop playing. This way you prevent losing your profit again.

  • History

    Bingo is centuries old and has probably existed since 1530. In Italy the game was then offered under the name Lotto. Since the XNUMXs, the game has become known as bingo. At the time, it was played with cards called Beano. The name Beano comes from the beans used to cover the numbers drawn until the card was full. bingo is a corruption of this word and has been inseparable from the game ever since.

Bingo facts


Since 1530
Origin Italy
Started by Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia
Grand prize € 1.408.037


You have the option to buy multiple tickets. The maximum number of cards depends on the type of bingo game and the casino where you play the game.

Bingo is easy to play. You only need a bingo card and when you play online the numbers will be automatically crossed out for you.

The game of bingo is offered in almost every casino, both online and land-based. You do need to create an account to play the game online.

When you play bingo, you must keep track of the numbers called up and cross out if they are on your playing card. Then you can check with the type of bingo game you play how to make winning combinations. This can be, for example, a horizontal row of dashed numbers.

Our Verdict

We think bingo is unmistakable in a casino. We have seen the game in many variants and are pleasantly surprised that new versions of it are constantly being released. The live versions in the online casinos really attract the most attention. We certainly recommend that you take a look at the possibilities in that area. If you are wondering if this game is for you, we recommend that you research it. You do not have to play for money immediately and can also practice with a free version online.