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  • Posted March 19, 2021
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The principle of an online slot machine is perhaps clear. You spin an X number of reels on a slot machine to win prizes. The goal is to spin as many slot machine symbols of the same type as possible to get a payout.

Today, the slot machine symbols pay out prizes in different ways. It depends on a slot whether win ways or paylines are used.

When using a payline, the slot machine symbols must be spun from left to right in a specific pattern. Do you play multiple paylines? Then it does not matter where the symbols appear as long as they are placed on adjacent reels from left to right.

As you can see, slot machines with win ways will generally give better chances of winning than when playing with paylines.

Slot machine symbols with special function

When you continue to view the slot machine symbols, you often see a certain number of symbols. Cherries, lemons, oranges, melons, plums and grapes are especially popular. Still, there are more slot machine symbols that matter. These are usually the 7, BAR, star and crown symbols. These are often equipped with special functions and especially with videoslots the are decorated with fruit symbols. What additional functions may apply? We will explain that to you below.

  • Wild symbol
    If you find a Wild between the slot machine symbols, this always means a higher chance of winning. Wild symbols are used to replace other symbols and can thus form winning combinations more easily. For example, in the Hot Twenty slot machine, the 7 symbol is available as a replacement Wild. What you have to take into account is that Wilds can hardly ever perform for other extra functions. For example, is there also a Scatter and perhaps also a bonus symbol? Then these will be excluded for replacement.
  • Scatter symbol
    As we have already mentioned above, you can also use symbols between the slot machine Scatters find. For example, has a star or bell been portrayed as a Scatter? Then you have the advantage that you do not have to form a payline. Also, these symbols do not have to be on contiguous reels to pay out prizes. For example, when 3 Scatter symbols are spun or more, you always just get a payout. In addition, there are also slot machines that can deliver an X number of free spins with this number and that allow you to spin for free to win prizes.
  • Bonus symbol
    Many of the online slots that we have played to date do not have bonuses, but it is becoming more common. Mostly videoslots with fruit symbols have bonus games to win prizes. For example, do you spin a total of 3 bonus symbols? Then you can end up in a bonus game. You can then win free prizes there by completing a certain action. Incidentally, it may also be that you have to deal with a pick n win bonus at a slot machine. Then you only have to spin one of the bonus symbols to reveal your free prize.

Slot machines symbols

Slot machine symbols for jackpots

The last thing we should not forget is the fact that there are also slot symbols for winning jackpots. For example, if you want to win a jackpot prize on a certain slot, you have to spin 5 stars on a payline.

On the other hand, with the classic slot machines you will see that there is a symbol with a jackpot band over it. There are few of these symbols, but you also only have to get 3 on a payline to win the corresponding jackpot.

When a casino game has a jackpot, the amount can be read in advance via the casino. Can't find this information? Then simply open the jackpot game without an account first and see what potential winnings are waiting for you.