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Online Blackjack guide

Blackjack is a game that has been played since the 17 century. The seemingly simple rules, negligible low house advantage and the potential for experienced players to earn a lot of money has caused this game to get out of hand in terms of popularity.

Online Blackjack

Now with hundreds of online casinos within reach, the game recovered in popularity with the worldwide gaming audience. There are new exciting variations and countless adjustments of classic old types of blackjack that have been adapted for the convenience of playing blackjack online.

Where can you best play online Blackjack?

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Sloty Casino

Both Evolution Gaming and Netent live casino Many online blackjack variants and play safely with ideal. 300 Free Spins and 100% Welcome Bonus up to € 1500 after deposit!

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Online blackjack the Netherlands play at orange casino

Own live tables, Dutch croupiers, Evolution Gaming and Netent live blackjack Very complete range of online blackjack ideal tables. 100% Welcome bonus up to € 100 after deposit and 250 free spins!

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Play blackjack at Mr Green

Own live tables, Evolution Gaming and Netent live blackjack Very complete range of online blackjack tables. 100% Welcome bonus up to € 100 after deposit and 350 free spins!

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Practice free Blackjack

You can also practice for free at the casinos in this list. Once you have mastered a certain blackjack table, you can seamlessly switch to playing with real money. Make a deposit if you have not already done so and you are done. You can also claim a blackjack bonus while you are busy. However, you are advised to do that only if a casino splits your bonus money, which means that you can withdraw your first deposit at any time.

Tips for playing online blackjack

The number of decks used
The general rule of thumb is that the less card games a blackjack table uses, the better your chances are. However, there are also different rules, and more often the number of games is not a disadvantageous factor. A game with one game that 3: 2 pays is almost impossible to find, but Vegas Single Deck by Microgaming is an honorable exception.

Dealer is on soft 17
A soft 17 is not a very good hand. That is why it is advantageous for the dealer if he touches a soft 17, which increases the house profit, albeit to a very limited extent.

Double after splitting
If you can double your bet after splitting your hand, this is usually recommended because the odds are increased.

Splitting aces
Splitting and even splitting aces are rules you have to look for when finding a good Blackjack table. It may not be that often, but every small percentage is important.

The following rules give less advantage:

Players can only double on 9-11 or 10-11
This is an important rule that hinders the normal blackjack game. Again, the house gain does not change dramatically in relation to this rule, but look for tables where you have the freedom to split your hand.

Blackjack pays 6: 5
This rule is so undesirable for all players that we are surprised that tables like these still exist. Even if we assume the following rules: one card game, up to 4 times split up, each pair doubled, dealer is on soft 17 and option for late surrender. It is still unfavorable to play an 6: 5 table compared to an 3: 2 blackjack table.

Once you have mastered the rules, you go to a by us recommended online casino and immediately dive into the action of this exciting and fun game.

Play live online blackjack

Live blackjack

Online casinos keep improving day by day, and playing live casino is the most immersive experience you can get in addition to being at a real physical casino. Thanks to the live streaming capabilities you can enjoy a game of blackjack with other players from all over the world. The tables are streamed from live locations and are managed by professional dealers.

Mr Green live casino

Mr Green has always been a name that is synonymous with quality. Their live casino department has more than ten blackjack tables, where the show is run by professional dealers. You can opt for the exclusive Blackjack from Mr Green or to play the regular variations that are offered, both made possible by Evolution gaming.

What we liked about Mr Green's exclusive live Blackjack table are the fair odds offered to players - the dealer is on 17, twice lower than a first pair, blackjack pays 3 against 2.

Blackjack strategy

Because blackjack is in fact a game of skill, the use of a gameplay strategy can work to your advantage. In blackjack there are two main strategies that you can use, and that is basic strategy and card counting.

The basic Blackjack strategy is a mathematically calculated diagram that dictates optimal blackjack games. It takes into account the probability, your hand and the hand of the dealer. Learning the basic strategy is child's play compared to controlling the counting of cards, but it has a considerable weight of its own.

Card counting is a completely different story, one that requires extreme efforts to control. Due to the complexity of card counting, countless types of counting strategies have emerged - some have been considerably simplified, while some require serious work. Regardless of which card counting strategy you use; you have to use the basic strategy to get started. Contrary to popular belief, card counting is not illegal, but mainland casinos pay attention and can kick you out.

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